How To Make an App – Ep 13 – Image Asset Library in Xcode 8

How To Make iPhone Apps with NO Programming Experience!
Lesson 13: Image Asset Library in Xcode 8
In this lesson, you’ll learn how to add images to your Xcode 8 project and display them in your app. You’ll also learn about various images sizes that you need for retina and high resolution displays.

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This video series uses the latest and greatest from Apple (Xcode 8, Swift 3, iOS 10) and will teach a beginner with no programming experience how to make iPhone apps. I’m creating these videos with the assumption that the student has no prior knowledge and is starting from scratch.

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11 responses to “How To Make an App – Ep 13 – Image Asset Library in Xcode 8”

  1. Darshan Kamdar Avatar

    Thank god there are people like you to help. Keep them coming !

  2. Blujay188 Avatar

    This is so cool, thanks. SUBSCRIBED!

  3. Sagar Varma Avatar

    Great Video. Thanks Chris.

  4. Taylor Arndt Avatar

    Hey what is the code to have the images show up when you press the deal button I try to do it mine isn't working it just shows the backs of the images

  5. ChromiumGamer Avatar

    Where did you get the x2 and x3 images

  6. jmoral214 Avatar

    i keep running into a problem with the simulator. everytime i trie to open he app on the simulator it just goes white. how can i fix this? i would love to learn why. thanks

  7. Abhi Singh Avatar

    there is no error in my code but still it is not running. Xcode open its appdelegate.swift on its on whenever i try to run the code.
    ps- i have written the same code for top to bottom.
    plz help

  8. chandresh savsaviya Avatar

    if i remove _ before the sender in func i will get error but you dont so how to fix it??

  9. Evren Konak Avatar

    Nice lesson overall.Thank you.

  10. FuMe Mutters - Co Leader Avatar

    At 2:43 I don't have the option "UIImage?"
    I'm using Xcode version 8.1 what should i do then?

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