How To Make an App – Ep 6 – Auto Layout and Size Classes

How To Make iPhone Apps with NO Programming Experience!
Lesson 6: Auto Layout and Size Classes
This lesson introduces auto layout in Xcode 8 as we create the user interface for our War card game.

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This video series uses the latest and greatest from Apple (Xcode 8, Swift 3, iOS 10) and will teach a beginner with no programming experience how to make iPhone apps. I’m creating these videos with the assumption that the student has no prior knowledge and is starting from scratch.

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39 responses to “How To Make an App – Ep 6 – Auto Layout and Size Classes”

  1. iLund Design Avatar

    I'm enjoying your training. Great job.

  2. Shivam Siddaiya Avatar

    Great Video ! , Onward to Ep 7

  3. Time Busy Avatar

    what is the size image resolution?

  4. Denis Medvedskiy Avatar

    I love your tutorials!

  5. Jonathan Seale Avatar

    Did you have to actually create 3 files for various resolutions of each file or just merely name them 2x and 3x?

  6. Hrishi Shah Avatar

    how do you get pictures of different screen resolutions

  7. Sadam Khamis Avatar

    thanks for the tutorial. but i can't download the images

  8. Alvin Tian Avatar

    Hey Chris,
    I can't find the images.
    Can u post them again?

  9. yuting zhong Avatar


  10. Jari Avatar

    I don't understand most of what you're saying…

  11. Jorge Cosio Avatar

    It is because I;m missin the info, plist file, I probably thrashed it by mistake, can I restore it or do I have to take the lessons again?

  12. Jorge Cosio Avatar

    It is lesson 8 where I failed to build, otherwise I completed it.

  13. Jorge Cosio Avatar

    It is lesson 8 where I failed to build, otherwise I completed it.

  14. Jorge Cosio Avatar

    Hi, I could not build the app cause I get a message "the info.plist could not be found". I may have trashed it in a previous lesson, is there a way to rebuild it without having to remake lesson 6?


  15. X1X2X3 Avatar


  16. Rs 619 Avatar

    hi how to make images as u made for war game like background etc

  17. Rita Hart Avatar

    How do I connect the Assets.xcassets to the Main.storyboard such that the images show up?

  18. baby fairy Avatar

    What software did you use to convert image to images in the image asset?

  19. Gary  Xie Avatar


  20. Tanmay Mamodia Avatar

    My background picture does not cover the whole screen even though I put the same constraints as you. What could I be doing wrong ?

  21. m1terminator Avatar

    Thanks Chris, nice job!

  22. manxman Avatar

    There is no link on screen to the assets/images?

  23. manxman Avatar

    Very good training. Concise and useful. Thanks Chris!

  24. paul2222223322 Avatar

    where is the link for images

  25. Aquanettajw1 Avatar

    I'm still looking for ImageAssets folder. In the number Ep 6 – at 7:43 in the video you mention how to get the ImageAssets folder. How do you get it?

  26. Aquanettajw1 Avatar

    Hi I've had a stroke about 3 yrs ago. I am at your build a card display. Number Ep 6 – Auto Layout and Size at 7:43 And you mention getting the ImageAssets by clicking on the background or pulling them up from the bottom of the layout. I can't find them. Please help me! Thank you!

  27. Eric Avatar

    Chris, I'm a bit lost regarding these images. In "Auto Layout and Size Classes" at about 7 minutes 37 seconds you show yourself calling up a list of images with no real indication where they come from (your arrow went off the bottom of the screen and I couldn't see what you were clicking on). I downloaded (to my Windows machine) the zipfile of images from the link you provided in the Comments section here, but I'm brand new to Mac programming or Mac usage in general and have no idea how to install those images where I can import them to the project. I'm stuck and can not proceed… can you help? Thanks…

  28. ken pang Avatar

    can i use the image you use to make an app on App Store?Will i get copyrighted or something

  29. Chisom Odimmegwa Avatar

    my constraint fitted automatically and occupied the whole view. so i didnt have any orange lines or anything like that. lucky me XD

  30. imranmajid1978 Avatar

    Professionally edited and well spoken instructions, clear and to the point! You have to be one of the best educators I've ever heard. I hope you reach the best of your field and assist many new people enter into the realms of coding/app creation.

  31. Kevin Miles Avatar

    Hi Chris, How do I get the cards into MACINCLOUD to continue with your classes.

  32. Victoria Yip Avatar

    Just wanna say thank you so much Chris! I have 0 experience with App making, and so far your videos have been super helpful and easy to understand. Thank you for being so generous and share with us your skills!!!

  33. Jess Chandler Avatar

    Great job with the explanations – folks with newer Xcode (8.2 – etc) – if you add constraints and don't see the "Update Frames" you will notice that a new button is available to you to the left of constraints. This is Update Frames. It will be active whenever you add a constraint that conflicts with where your item is. Also… How is your simulator so fast, Chris? Mine takes forever – even with apps as simple as "Hello World."

  34. Cody Lake Avatar

    Very helpful video – thank you for taking the time to help us newbies 🙂

  35. Josh Zheng Avatar

    Thank you for the tutorials sir! They are really straightforward and helpful

  36. Hamis Eliazer Avatar

    Want these images you have used, how donI get them? Please assist.

  37. Paul Goodwin Avatar

    Disregard…went to website, thanks Chris

  38. Paul Goodwin Avatar

    Does anyone know where the link is to download the card game?

  39. jackson debbarma Avatar

    HELLO , Chris first of all love what you are doing.
    In regards to this above video, When i add new constrain , and then try to update constrain constant, it does not do anything, i have to manually change the constant again from by selection each constrain from the view controller scene and then change the constant from the attribute inspector by changing the constant amount.
    I know it not a big of a deal, just wondering why ??

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