How to Make an App | Part 2 | IBOutlet, IBAction, ViewController, MVC, Programming wt Swift


In this series, we’ll start learning how to code with Swift, a new programming language and build a motivational quote app for iOS. Here’re the tools you’ll need:

MacBook or any computer runs the latest version of OS X (required)
Xcode (a free software by Apple)
An online training course (this one and Total iOS Blueprint will be an awesome start for you!)
In this video, we’ll dive deep into:

Debunk a huge myth in the industry that may be stopping you from learning to code and having a career as a developer
How to install tools you’ll need
Create a new project for you app
An overview of Xcode
App resources and design app UI (user interface)

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13 responses to “How to Make an App | Part 2 | IBOutlet, IBAction, ViewController, MVC, Programming wt Swift”

  1. Timo Müller Avatar

    Your Time is Limited. Yes. This is Steve Jobs Legacy!

  2. Mun Mun Avatar

    Can you give me your email pls want to discuss hiring for a project

  3. Michael Tun Avatar

    Awesome tutorial man. Do you have any tips/videos for keeping objects in place? When I run the simulator, all the pieces are all over the place. I'm figuring out bit by bit but anything to help would be great.

  4. Zahc Inc Avatar

    I pray that God blesses you so much. What a great help you are. You will be rewarded for your tremendous service.

  5. Duc Tran Avatar

    Hey folks, I'm doing an online iOS workshop for you guys on How to Build an iOS App from scratch, with no programming experience. Reserve your compliment spot here:

  6. f8th Avatar

    Your awesome! Thank you for your wonderful energy and your training! Subscribed!

  7. Alex Montobo Avatar

    Nice course… but I really couldn't understand your voice at all.

  8. Adrian Mitrache Avatar

    You are awesome! Keep up the good work!

  9. YanTech Avatar

    Amazing tutorial man and thank you

  10. Jens Van Den Eede Avatar

    Hey Duc, I really like this series. I am trying to become an app developer but I didn't find the right place to start until now. I hope you keep up the good work. I have a question for you, is there a way to display a random quote or something else by the use of a hashtag (#) ? Greets Jens !

  11. Daniel Avatar

    You are one of the most loveable (no homo) and most inspiring guys on YouTube when it comes to iOS Development… Thank you so much. Of course I've subscribed and I'm always checking up on your channel and website!

  12. Sanauyar Ali Avatar

    Please provide the link for downloading the images and code of each tutorial as you did not give any link of used images on this project.. Thanks

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