How To Make an App – Xcode 8.1 Update Frames

Apple released a minor update to Xcode that moved the “Update Frames” selection out of the menu and into its own button. In this video, I show you where this new button is!

This video series uses the latest and greatest from Apple (Xcode 8, Swift 3, iOS 10) and will teach a beginner with no programming experience how to make iPhone apps. I’m creating these videos with the assumption that the student has no prior knowledge and is starting from scratch.

The lesson plan for the How To Make an App series can be found on my site here:

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CodeWithChris is dedicated to teaching beginners and non-programmers all about building iOS apps. On the site, you’ll find a ton of free resources and tutorials to aid you on your journey to learn iOS development. Many people have successfully picked up Swift 3, Xcode 8 and app building from my course and materials!

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13 responses to “How To Make an App – Xcode 8.1 Update Frames”

  1. Jeffy Tam Avatar

    theres nothing i don't understand from what you have taught so far

  2. Jeffy Tam Avatar

    dude your amazing at teaching

  3. Sarah Kinani Avatar

    Hi, so what you think went wrong if Xcode doesn't allow me to use it. I'm doing everything step by step so don't know what went wrong

  4. pri 92 Avatar

    Hello, which kind of Macbook, I should buy to access to XCODE??

  5. Juan Enriquez Q Avatar

    Thank you! This was helpful 🙂

  6. Humanflag Avatar

    I can't sit still long enough to develop apps! I guess I will leave this to all of you. Thanks

  7. Michael Suarez Avatar

    You're the best; just went through your whole tutorial and have so much of a greater understanding of Xcode and Swift. Thank you very much!

  8. Emmanuel Ogbewe Avatar

    Hi great tutorial! , I was wondering how can I have my app capture and image from a custom camera in my app and then on the view have the image split in to multiple segments and each section is a scroll view ? Please help

  9. Mark Moeykens Avatar

    I'm glad they moved it out. I also have gotten used to the key command to update frame: COMMAND + OPTION + = .

  10. Creighton Gaming Avatar

    You need to update your other videos because for someone with 8.1 it never works especially for the YouTube video app I made an excact replica and it had 3 promblems I couldn't fix

  11. purple-lava Avatar

    Cheers for that Chris!

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