How To Make An iPhone App – XCode Project Files Explained and Programming Concepts Introduction


If you missed the previous video:

Note: This tutorial is updated with annotations for Xcode 5 but was recorded with Xcode 4.

My goal is to teach a beginner how to make an iPhone app from scratch. It’s not as hard as you may think!

All you need are some basics under your belt and then from there on out, it’s all practice. In fact, I failed on my first try to learn iOS programming:

My approach to teaching you how to make an iphone app is going to be very practical and I HIGHLY recommend that you follow along on your own computer with XCode. Treat this like taking a real course and I’ll help you along the way by answering any questions.

After learning and practicing the basics of iOS programming and getting the hang of using XCode, we’ll progress to build more and more complex applications!


My channel, CodeWIthChris, is about all the aspects of building iOS apps. I’ll post video tutorials on Objective C, XCode, how to submit apps to the Apple App Store, and tutorials on building various types of apps or integrating things like analytics, advertisements etc. You might even find the odd app review here or there!

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20 responses to “How To Make An iPhone App – XCode Project Files Explained and Programming Concepts Introduction”

  1. Apps With Jeff Avatar

    Hey Chris, I'm running my Unity Game in Xcode 8.3 and I'm trying to install the Crashlytics Fabric on my project and says to "Initialize my kit" in my <>AppDelegate.m , but in my Xcode project, i have " " and the code inside the files look different, how can I find that file can you please help me or recommend me anything? btw I'm a complete beginner to Xcode and programming

  2. Knuckles Avatar

    This was confusing af lol

  3. Life of Guy Avatar

    Hi Chris

    can you help me I need a video on how to create a live video chat where people can chat live with the iphone camera or any smartphone camera

  4. Michael Gibson Avatar

    Watched a few of your other vids… Didnt know you were asian… Feel like im in much better hands now lol. 🙂

  5. Christian Jermaine Avatar

    I appreciate the videos but could you go into showing how the makings of the apps work, that would be useful. The long-windedness drains me!

  6. Gabriel Tobing Avatar

    Thanks for the help Chris, the videos you make give such clear instructions! Nice!

  7. Leondo Jason Avatar

    Dude you fucking tale to pong to get to the actual act of programming its hard to stay tuned in when its sooooo boring how about adding music to your videos

  8. Tommy Avatar

    Hey Chris!! Thanks soooo much for making these videos, but could you please make a new ios development with obnectice c on xcode 6?? Thank you

  9. Avatar

    Fantastic, thanks

  10. Denis Fidaali Avatar

    Hi Chris, very nice work. Thank you.

  11. ItzFine Avatar

    thaks chris im 11 i thinking big when i grow up and starting now and becomeing a software engineer thx.

  12. Daniel Feltham Avatar

    I have a question do you ABSOLUTELY need a mac?

  13. David Southwell Avatar

    I just downloaded the Xcode and i don have the "viewcontroller.xib' tab on my Xcode.. is there a way to get it to follow along?

  14. jibba jABBA Avatar

    There's no .xib file when I use xcode 5.1.1

  15. Vern Lovic Avatar

    Oh, here's a question… if we learn SWIFT – do we even need to learn Objective C???

  16. Vern Lovic Avatar

    Thanks Chris for this series. I'm really enjoying it MUCH better than a book. I've tried books and they are so dry and confusing. But, I have to ask… isn't there some better way to describe the concepts covered in this video. You do a better job than books I've seen, but still, 'abstract' doesn't begin to describe what it is… lol. Maybe, and I'm hoping, we don't need to grasp it all yet and that the more we go on here the more some sort of framework in my mind will be built to throw this stuff in. I'm a big picture sort of person, so when I see details like this without the big picture, I'm totally lost. That said, I'll read the notes and questions at the links and go on to the next video after I've grasped it as much as possible.

  17. Weightlifting Ninja Avatar

    Hey I hope you can help me. I am a bit confuse since I have no programming background. So a class is basically a blueprint. What is an object again? Like in layman's term and a good analogy would be a great too. Also what the heck is an instance? I keep hearing about it and I even googled it but couldn't find an understandable definition of what it is…. in layman's term. 

  18. Log Dog Avatar

    Your video and presentation style looks very professional.  I rate highly 🙂

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