How to Make Android Apps 27

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In this tutorial I provide an Android Material Design sliding tab example program and cover ViewPager and FragmentPagerAdapter.

This will allow us to use the newest form of sliding tabs that is also backwards compatible. I did my best to keep everything as simple as possible so that you can use this code in your applications immediately.

Here is a link to the code you’ll need from Google :






38 responses to “How to Make Android Apps 27”

  1. Jitender Rawat Avatar

    Hey Derek, do you think converting a website into an app through webview is a better choice then developing a completely new app by itself? Does webview apps perform as good as a native app?

  2. Erik Kunz Avatar

    Who has watched the whole series?

  3. Charles Ellison II Avatar

    Hi Derek. Let me start out by saying that I've been following your videos for a couple years now. Thank you so much for the great tutorials. I know it's been a long while (almost 2 now) since you've done a video on Android apps. I was wondering if you have done one, or could do one, on using the BackupManager and BackupAgentHelper to backup and restore the apps database to the users google cloud account? Or we could chat privately to go over what I'm doing wrong in my app.

  4. נריה נבט Avatar

    Hi Derek.
    Can you show us how we can write an app on the very phone
    (like: when you click twice on the phone, the phone shut down)
    !!And thank you for all of the tutorial

  5. george bucky Avatar

    Hi Derek, thank you for the videos great job! 🙂
    Just wondering you said you where going to create apps ? Did you do that ? If yes where can i find them ? Thank you.

  6. hussam Alshammari Avatar

    i think your missed to show us the code to show the title of the fragment in the textview

  7. Shadow Alanzy Avatar

    Thanks for your help.

  8. Dudey' Avatar

    Hey 🙂 Can you make and OpenGL Tutorial? I would really appreciate that. Nice videos and keep going

  9. Macfhlannchadha Ronan Avatar

    What is your plan regarding the rest of Android Studio tutorials, I see you said you plan on continuing it but that comment seems to be over a year ago now.

  10. l4z Avatar

    Hello Derek Banas =) Im learning from you and gona learn more! My question is do you know where can I find tutorial or some information about add information from webside to my aplication in Android Studio.
    I want to make app which will show information from website. Thanks for respond! keepGoing!

  11. ExtacyMusicGroup Avatar

    Great Tut. Thanx for doing what you do, but i'm having an issue that i can't solve the app keeps crashing before it loads and i get a bunch of errors…..Handler,…..Looper,…..Method.Java:525………….PLEASE HELP!!!!!

  12. Aaron Stockdale Avatar

    Hello, I have copied your tutorial using API 23 and am able to compile the app. My tabs show and I am able to switch between them, but my TextViews within my fragments do not show up. I am not receiving any errors so I am wondering if you have any suggestions on why my views are not showing within the fragments?

  13. Rusmal Firmansyah Avatar

    How to make android application :
    connect android and mysql…
    if in mysql has a new data, in android studio has a notification….

  14. jesus cruz Avatar

    does all these step get you to the point we're u can create RPG games?

  15. Sa ha Avatar

    i get an error "Unfortunately the myapp stop working" please help.

  16. luis alberto sanchez saldaña Avatar

    My friend in minute 8:18 you have to fix this:


    in height isn't match_parent would be wrap_content, and this works perfectly, thank your very much

  17. luis alberto sanchez saldaña Avatar

    Great videos, congratulations and thank you very much, from Perú!!!

  18. tim toye Avatar

    hello derek. this is my first android project. i am trying to create a devotional app. pls can you help?

  19. tim toye Avatar

    hey derek. thanks for your videos

  20. Sycopath Avatar

    Hi, we're still waiting for the next tutorial. I hope you haven't abandoned this series :-/

  21. Abdul Ahad Avatar

    you are sooooo going to heaven sir!!!!!!!!!! i can't say thank you its a small word!!!!!!

  22. mahboubi aimad Avatar

    I have a problem with the class TabFragment because It's not compatible with Fragment

  23. Harish .S Avatar

    The app opens with the Tabs as Created but the swipe doesn't work and even the fragment text is not been displayed. If you could help

  24. Wilbur Powery Avatar

    Hey Derek, Will you still be working with Android tutorials?

  25. Lukero Gt Avatar

    Hi Derek, I've watched almost all your videos, and I just wanted to know, is it possible to create a very simple social networking app where you have a feed and you are able to post a text and also read people's postings?

  26. rajesh aras Avatar

    hey derekthanks for your videos, me & my friends have learnt a lot from u, thanks a lot.can u make a video on opengl or suggest me few books regarding it, it will be of great help to me.

  27. Martín Mollinedo Tapia Avatar

    Dear Derek:
    I wonder you could answer my question and is that How do I exactly do the support for different screen sizes in order that the App looks great in multiple devices, no matter the size of the screen. Thank you so much

  28. Mrad Mohamed Avatar

    ah I think u don't know about Sip Protocol … aa55 it's the reason why i started learning android

  29. Mrad Mohamed Avatar

    +Derek Banas  Hi can you make just one tutorial about SIP API Classes and Interfaces

  30. i am a liberal Avatar

    hi can you help me i want teach me java sdk or give me book which learned you from him

  31. Gn Inc. Avatar

    Huh,what i can say to you? This helped so much that i just made my first weather app in android studio! So much thanks to you,blessings!

  32. Zoruak Avatar

    Hello Derek, I have some question to creating a game. First of all I have to excuse for my grammar, not native speaker. I want to create a game/app like this  ( This Design was created by me with Photoshop, the problem is that none of the tutorials I am watching has the things I need to create the game… it would be awesome if you have time to check my comment ^_^ 

    Thank you 

    – EpicEren

  33. Phuc Toan Avatar

    hi! i have a error:
    Error:(20, 57) error: method getSupportFragmentManager in class FragmentActivity cannot be applied to given types;
    required: no arguments
    found: MainActivity
    reason: actual and formal argument lists differ in length

  34. Ashwin murali Avatar

    Could you please make a tutorial on the android testing framework??

  35. Tung Do Avatar

    I'm getting an Exception when setAdapter for the ViewPager 

    07-13 00:35:37.151: E/AndroidRuntime(3093): at
    07-13 00:35:37.151: E/AndroidRuntime(3093): Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException: Attempt to invoke virtual method 'void' on a null object reference

    What i'm doing wrong ?

  36. agc studio Avatar

    thanks for the great vids Derek, i'm trying to create a very basic geofencing android app, have you made a video on it previously? or do you plan to make one anytime soon? I' finding it hard to find any concrete tutorials.

  37. Klay Paul Avatar

    Hey please am getting incompartibles types as an error under that get item method help me

  38. martieverhoef Avatar

    Hey, thanks for the awesome video! Ive got just one problem the text of my fragments arent showing… Im doing exactly as in the video, any idea how this problem can happen?

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