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In this video tutorial I will cover how to make menus and dialog popups. I’ll specifically cover laying out menus in main.xml, DialogFragment, AlertDialog, Action Bars, Option Menus and more.

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23 responses to “How to Make Android Apps 4”

  1. Joseph Nguyen Avatar

    Hey Derek I'm not sure what's wrong I tried to do "ifRoom|withText" at 4:19 and it would only do "ifRoom" and not "withText" i have the correct xmlns: app and so I'm not sure why it's not working :/

  2. Semir Umut Kurt Avatar

    12:00 new DialogInterface.OnClickItemLister() .. what does that mean? In java, are classes able to invoke other classes to create an instance?

  3. shubam sharma Avatar

    Sir I want to know about how can we earn money by creating an app like WhatsApp Facebook champcash

  4. Abdishakur Figure Avatar

    u forgot to return the created dialog in the video -_-
    return theDialog.create();
    Derek x'D <3

  5. Sahil Jain Avatar

    My Dialog only pops up when I replace return super.onCreateDialog(savedInstanceState) by return theDialog.create(). What's going wrong?

  6. Govardhan Reddy Avatar

    Hi Derek,
    Do you have you recorded series using Android Studio?
    If not, would you consider making it?

  7. Xpack Gunners Avatar

    hi derek , where can i get the cheat sheet for android because it seems overwhelming with all these classes ans methods

  8. Naveen kumar Avatar,"My");
    IT is giving error to me that cannot resolve

  9. כנרת ברדיכין Avatar

    Hey Derek 🙂
    i had a question, in my version of android studio there isn't a "menu" and "main" file. what i need to do?

  10. Matt 2.0 Avatar

    The DialogFragment wouldn't work for me. I fixed it by having onCreateDialog(Bundle savedInstanceState) return theDialog.create() instead of super.onCreateDialog(savedInstanceState).

  11. Anirudh Tapuriah Avatar

    Hey Derek, your videos are awesome. Great job man and thanks alot!
    I had a question I was hoping you could answer. I am using ubuntu and my current version of android studio looks way different from what you are using. I don't know if that's because of updates or my OS. Do you have any idea?

  12. אביב פינקלשטיו Avatar

    hello Derek!

    First of all thanks for the videos and their public relations
    The second thing I tried to do what I saw this video of the app "MessingAround" but it could not be able to explain how to connect between them ??

  13. VideoGamer00 Avatar

    Excuse me Derek, but I need help. Most of the folders you have and show I do not have. I am using Linux and don't know how to do some stuff you do because I don't have them. I have no Scr folder and some of the folders you show are in the app folder. Can you help me with this problem?
    Thank you for reading.

  14. Amarnath Karthi Avatar

    Hey! In the MyDialogFragment class, inside the method onCreateDialog, you probably need to return theDialog.create() , instead of super.onCreate(savedInstanceState), otherwise it just shows a blank Fragment.

  15. Naglas nats Avatar

    Hi Derek! At 14:16, I know it's inheritance/polymorphism but do I really have to use the superclass or still I can do MyDialogFragment myFragment = new MyDialogFragment(); ? Thanks in advance.

  16. spww Avatar

    Hey Derek, im following all the How to Android apps, but sometimes i'm stuck.
    Looks like my Android Studio doesn't have all that yours does. In this video I don't have the res/menu folder. So I created one, but even tho it doesn't auto complete the commands.

    Any idea how to help me?

    Android Studio 2.1.1

  17. Ziado4 Avatar

    Can you elaborate on what…) does?

    Thank you 😀

  18. lord75009 Avatar

    You are such a good teacher !!! Thanks a lot for you work, it helps me a lot 🙂

  19. Jasthine Ferrer Avatar

    Hi, your lessons seems so interesting for me and usefull. Thanks for it. Also i trying to make Android Note Sync app, maybe you will have any suggestions. thanks 😉

  20. gabriel brito Avatar

    Hey Derek Banas, first of all thanks a lot man.
    But I have one question, I am new on programming and I don't get some concepts yet.
    Why you have to use .Builder to create an AlertDialog Object, and why DialogInterface.onClickListener?
    Thanks again

  21. kaide brian rada Avatar

    Hi derek do you have a tutorial about SQLite in the assets folder and copy the SQLiteDatabase into your device : ) thanks for advance

  22. Guy Shafir Avatar

    A couple of years ago, just before you released this videoI asked you to cover fragments and I forgot to thank you for adding them to your tutorial. Thank you!

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