How to Make Android Apps 7 : Android Spinners and Layouts

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In this tutorial we’ll start making a useful Android unit conversion app. I’ll show you everything this time because I on purpose didn’t pre-plan anything.

I’ll cover relative layouts, grid layouts, array resources, Array Adapters, Spinners, and more. In the next video I’ll finish the entire app.

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41 responses to “How to Make Android Apps 7 : Android Spinners and Layouts”

  1. Deepak Parashar Avatar

    Sir, it would be really nice if you created repositories on github with TODOs for us to do as exercises. We could simply follow all the TODOs and be confident before we proceed further.

  2. Suraj maurya Avatar

    I like your video's

  3. Suraj maurya Avatar

    I like your video's

  4. Suraj maurya Avatar

    I like your video which consume very less time good explanation

  5. Suraj maurya Avatar

    I like your video which consume very less time good explanation

  6. Semir Umut Kurt Avatar

    the idea of showing what the app will like in the end is good and the idea of writing storyboard of the app is brilliant. that's how we learn to develop algorithms for the apps. Thanks in advance

  7. Marcel Kooiman Avatar

    Only 2 minutes and i Subscribed, this is gone be helpful and easy to swallow!

  8. Ziado4 Avatar

    What's the difference between a listView (w/ adapter) and a grid (nx1)? Isn't it the same?

    Thanks a lot!

  9. Ivan Ranđelović Avatar

    checkIfConvertingFromTsp(itemSelectedInSpinner); checkIfConvertingFromTsp is red pls help!

  10. jean louis ricot Avatar

    Hello…! Please I need help. I create a application there is a spinner and there are 5 items in the spinner when I select 1 item and click on save it save normally in the database. the problem is when I click on the button modify the item that I save on the database I don't see it…I see a other Item. Thanks.

  11. Dheeraj Asnani Avatar

    Best tutorials on android development without any doubt..thnx

  12. light mire Avatar

    very good tutorialss !!

  13. Janne Niemensivu Avatar

    I really like this series. However, zooming really makes following these videos quite difficult.

  14. Jean-François PICART Avatar

    Hi Derek, I am used to looking at computing video tutorials on youtube quite intensively and I have to say that you are the best I"ve ever seen so far! This is first comment I have ever left and it had to be for you. How can someone produce so many top-quality tutorials at such a pace??? It is simply amazing! Please continue this excellent job!

  15. Uzair Zubayri Avatar

    Man, this stuff was hard enough already, and you just blasted it right through the roof!

  16. 05Bess Avatar

    Why do you initialize unitTypeSpinner in addListenerToUnitTypeSpinner() method if it has been already initialized in addItemsToUnitTypeSpinner() method?

  17. Michael Aubry Avatar

    @android:style/TextAppearance.Large is what worked for me.

  18. Daniel Bernal Avatar

    One question: why do you use charSequence on the array adapter? is that the way XML files handle String arrays?

  19. pommoysel Avatar

    I really like your tutrials, but there's Point which I have to criticize. You do too much off the zooming into the sourcecode, for example if want to see a certain part of the code I always have to search for a moment where the zoom is right. I mean one can download the sourcegood, but it feels more comfortable if you can see the whole code at the same time. Your Videos have HD quality so I see no reason for the zooming. And in comparison to your old videos it is getting worse and worse ;). BUT THANK YOU FOR VIDEOS

  20. News Box Avatar

    hey derek, did you cover building a homescreen or a UI using android studio''s graphic interface cause it saves a lot of time when you are building your homescreen. if yes, which of the tutorial covers it

  21. Abdulrazzak Fallaha Avatar

    Mr. +Derek Banas 
    For some reason, when I click on "Sync Now" after editing the gradle file, the Java files stop recognizing the R (

    What should I do?

  22. Shmil Peretz Avatar

    Derek ty for those amazing tutorials!! helpful as usual! 😀 

  23. siyaram pal Avatar

    Most enjoying coder. Would like to know when did u started learning android what do u refer and tips for beginners.

  24. hamid reza gholami Avatar

    hello can some body help me how to fix checkIfConvertingFormTsp eror in the end of tutorial .. i cant fix it 🙁 

  25. Sal Afzal Avatar

    +Derek Banas I am very impressed by the quality of your tutorials. I also think they are one of the best tutorials on youtube. The way you zoom in and out in your video to draw attention to what your doing is really helpful especially when someone is speeding up the video. I can imagine that must be a lot of work, but please continue doing that as it is very helpful in drawing our attention to the important parts of the tutorial. Also, the fact that your videos explain a concept in its entirety is also extremely helpful to someone like me who knows a little bit about android dev and just needs to brush up on a few specific concepts. I discovered you through your content provider video, i loved your format so much that im watching this series from the beginning. Once again. Love your videos and appreciate all the hard work you put into them.

  26. MrEmazek Avatar

    You are the best on YouTube for any programming language! 🙂

  27. red black Avatar

    1)why are you using  charSequence in array adapter instead of string. any particular reason?
    2) Instead of doing so much burden in creating arrayadapter, why can't we simply create normal arrayAdapter with normal string array. is it possible?

  28. Matt Payne Avatar

    Do you cover custom-created views in any of your videos? I made a custom view and implemented it in an Activity (as if it were a button or whatever) but I can't seem to access the custom view's custom methods, or find answers about how! Thanks.

  29. t0nn0 Avatar

    Great Work,Love how You present everything

  30. soyboy Avatar

    Your a beast man. Quick side question. What do you use for Mobile App mockups? like to design what the app would look like? What software do you use or suggest?

  31. Chris Sun Avatar

    Hi derek,
       sorry this is an unrelated question but for your stock videos, is there anywhere else to get xml data like that?(not just for stocks, but for sports, scores, news articles, etc)

  32. shaskies Avatar

    Omg Derek! I've set an emulator Nexus 2012 that takes 10 minutes to load. Once it loads up I get a blank  blue background screen with clouds and the time in the top left corner of the screen. And then it goes grey with "no events" message displaying. It's not working. Do you have a clue as to what is going on and how I can fix this please??

    I tried using my android device but unfortunately I can't find a driver online.

  33. Jesse Hansen Avatar

    Thanks for the Settings -> Editor -> Auto Import, I have been looking for this feature for a while now.  Great videos also!

  34. Paweł Zarzycki Avatar

    You probably know this, but I don't see any reason why you didn't use the quick fix on the non-existing method. It's just alt+insert and "create method".
    Anyway, great tutorial, can't wait for the next part.

  35. Au Yeung Ka Chon Avatar

    Dreke, here are the list of the problem that i'm currently have

    1: i'm trying to make a custom dialog boxes to pop up when the game is finish, which contain two buttons and some data.

    2: the XML, is not changing size accordingly to different devices, is there a way where i can set those size to % so no matter what devices i'm using it, it will just resize it to it.

    THank you so much

  36. DragonsTrap Avatar

    I'm watching these as soon as you make them; you've made this a convenient time to get into android coding. Thanks.

  37. Dianna M Avatar

    btw +Derek Banas I have a unique opportunity coming up, if you have any questions that you would like to ask about android wear, I'm having lunch this Friday with the Google folks that are working on it. Just let me know.

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