How to Make Android Apps

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I will show you how to make Android apps. This is the beginning of a large tutorial series. I will do my best improve on the first tutorial by following all of the suggestions I have received.






34 responses to “How to Make Android Apps”

  1. Rithish Gowda Avatar

    plz put some updated videos. … more ideas. …it's very useful and tnx fr dis

  2. smita verma Avatar

    Can we also make a Android game

  3. KL3XB Avatar

    Do you have an Instagram? I would like to message you and ask for some tips, I'm new to app creating and need some guidance.

  4. Rafal Kowalski Avatar

    Great tutorial with good pace. But this zooming is really confusing and unnecessary.

  5. Taviar Bubbles Avatar

    Soon I'll make Rust on iOS and every thing

  6. maryam k Avatar

    how can you send the code to someone else?

  7. Dorthy Fein Avatar

    Have you ppl heard of Applifer software? I purchased it few weeks back and loving it! Its awesome n lets u make apps without learning coding, perfect for me! I sell my apps now too. Go check out applifier on google, search for "applifier app builder"

  8. Pablo Revillas Avatar

    Is it possible to code any of todays app available in the PlayStore with the program that you are using in the video?

  9. karan mudaliyar Avatar

    i try to make app to give life to mobile

  10. Anirudh Bhat Avatar

    Derek Banas Please make a similar video for the new version of Android Studio

  11. Peridactite Avatar

    Also how hard do you think it will be to learn from your series seeing as it was made three years ago?

  12. Peridactite Avatar

    Can we know what version of android studio this was run on? For people in 2017? also @David Doyle is claiming it is because you are on mac that the starting code in studio is
    DIFFERENT which I find hard to believe.

    Studio starts with less strings in res file on PC I doubt it's any different on 2017 mac.

  13. Sebano Von Piano Avatar

    if my app is going to be sucsesful. ill donate to everyone that makes tutorials <3

  14. EKBoi Avatar

    I want to make an money making app for other countries that can't download other apps for credits so I could make a watch to earn app. 5 credits per video, 1250 credits for 1.5$ on paypal. Well R.I.P I don't know how to make the app either add the advertizers…

  15. Drzubin Bhavsar Avatar

    i am getting an SDK error. Android SDK is missing.

  16. Vamsi krishna Avatar

    Sir, your teaching is good understable, but some fastlty going, please explain slow and update the new version(7)videos sir, thank u !

  17. Edward Aguilar Avatar

    can i pay you to do a app?

  18. Semir Umut Kurt Avatar here what we did in this video, i post these for those who have trouble with the new version

  19. Semir Umut Kurt Avatar

    it's not easy to catch up with you with new version of Android Studio, lots of changes have been made

  20. DIGI VIKAS Avatar


  21. Sanya Alone Avatar

    This experience are easy for my side

  22. Definitely NotIlluminati Avatar

    do you fcking kidding me dude i just had like 10 ads in a row wtf are you doing !

  23. Pizza by the Slice Avatar

    Is HTML coding for websites similar to app coding?

  24. Jitender Rawat Avatar

    This is the best android tutorial channel I have come across. Being a beginner and no knowledge of any programming languages I was looking for something very simple and quick to learn. Please make more videos on android. Great job.

  25. Arseniy Avatar

    Android is a lot easier to learn than iOS, but iOS pays more.

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