How To Make Beautiful Web Pages For Your WordPress Website! | Divi Theme Tutorial

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Learn how to create amazing landing pages for your wordpress website with the divi theme. The divi theme is one of the highest rated drag and drop builders on the market for wordpress and i use this for my wordpress website as well. In this tutorial, I show you how to download and use some of the layouts packs made for the divi theme for your wordpress website. This will get give you ideas and help you create the wordpress website you always want.

To view the website with the pages on it, go to:

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9 responses to “How To Make Beautiful Web Pages For Your WordPress Website! | Divi Theme Tutorial”

  1. Onya Icha Avatar

    pls i need your help each time i tried to upload a layout i get this error massage
     This file cannot be imported. It may be caused by file_uploads being
    disabled in your php.ini. It may also be caused by post_max_size or/and
    upload_max_filesize being smaller than file selected. Please increase it
    or transfer more substantial data at the time.

  2. Miss A Avatar

    Hi, wanted to know what you use for the live chat support on your page.Thanks.

  3. silverback Gorilla Avatar

    Hi Wilson, i followed all steps shown in order to get free ressource but i got subscription email without containing any downloadable link. if you do mind would you forward me that link on this email:

  4. Hazrat Bilal Avatar

    hey Darrel i am trying a lot but i can't design my home page for the e commerce shop website please help me out in that?

  5. Prajwal Tale Avatar

    Suggest me some Best Free Themes for coaching class website

  6. Romuled nsane Avatar

    am using the about page on my divi theme and i've loaded everything the way shown on the tutorial but can't seem to have the black and white overlay effect in place.

    How can i resolve this problem?

  7. Ainu lindalë Avatar

    Thanks a lot for your videos man, i´m really glad i found such a great channel!

  8. Kossi Eric AMAWUDA Avatar

    Thank you for all Darrel

  9. Darrel Wilson Avatar

    Thanks for watching guys, let me know if you have any questions. Some of these are really creative pages you can use.

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