How to Make Header and Footer Skinnier [Ultra Theme]

In this quick video, I’ll show you how to make the header and footer area thinner and leaner 🙂

Leave any comments down below!


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On this channel, my mission is not just to teach you how to make a website/blog but to really inspire you to chase your dreams. A lot of the times, we let the fear of the unknown hold us back from starting anything. My job is to show you that it is possible and hopefully be a piece of a bigger puzzle that helps you achieve your goals and dreams. Believe in yourself and never, ever give up! Hogan 🙂







25 responses to “How to Make Header and Footer Skinnier [Ultra Theme]”

  1. Pichaya Buakhaow Avatar

    awesome one!!!! Thumbs up!

  2. Ole Kristian Møller-Hansen Avatar

    Greetings Hogan!
    I am really enjoying your videos, they are really helpfull! 🙂
    Speaking of footers, do you know how I can make the contents in a footer column
    display inline? I am using Polylang to make the page multilingual, but the flags in the footer are stacking vertically. I would really prefer if they were alligned horizontally.

  3. Lauren Henry Avatar

    Hi Hogan, firstly wanted to thank you for making these videos. Your tutorial on building a Themify Ultra blog is what helped me get mine off the ground! Secondly, I'm having trouble with the sizing of my header. It's an image with my website title on it, and it keeps cutting off different parts. Is there a setting where I can have the header scale to the size of whatever view (desktop, mobile, tablet, etc). My page is "" for reference.

  4. Jeffrey Buskey Avatar

    Hi Hogan, maybe you can answer this question from me. Themify support is VERY slow to respond to any issues. I might have to got back to my last theme. Ive been trying to get Google Tag, Facebook Pixel, and many other services installed into my header. I tried using a plugin to add HTML code. None of them worked. All they did was mess up my website. All these services said I have to place "their" code in the header. How do I do it? I read that I need to use a child theme, which I created. Then I have to copy the header.php file, which I cannot find, and paste it into the child theme, then paste "their" code.

    Is this the simplest way? Where can I find the header.php file in the Ultra Theme? Is there another way of doing this?

    Thank you for your help.

  5. Esalettin Yasin Uysal Avatar

    Hi Hogan, thanks a lot. However, I wonder the same question as OutClass Nutrition asked below:

    I am trying to reduce the space below the footer. There is a lot of space below the
    footer and would just like to to get rid of it.

    This happens when the body content is empty. If it is filled footer is at the bottom. İf not it is in the middle of the page. like that:

  6. SyahadatulHaq Avatar

    Hi Hogan.i followed your tutorial to make the header skinnier but it is not working and my header section customization also is not working ( header wrap particularly ).What should i do?
    i'm using php 5.6+ . should be no problem right?

  7. OutClass Nutrition Avatar

    Hello Hogan,
    I am trying to reduce the space below the footer. I used your CSS and I most be doing something wrong again. There is a lot of space below the footer and would just like to to get rid of it.
    Thanks again. Brent

  8. Alexandra Stratan Avatar

    aww it did not work, I am not sure why???

  9. Anthony Massaoudi Avatar

    My header won't get transparent.. can you help me or anyone?

  10. Harold Foster Avatar

    how to change the color on the "sticky" header? Whenever I make the background color white on the header, it doesn't stay that color whenever I scroll down the page for the "sticky" version.

  11. Sougan Mandi Avatar

    how to creat a shop page in ultra theme..I have create a normal website with ultra theme now i want to add shop page soo I can affilieate some you help me please

  12. stevey192 Avatar

    Hey, Please can you tell me how I get the nav bar at the bottom of the page like this webpage.

    Also how do I create the two feature pictures like they have?

  13. Deepika Singh Avatar

    Hi Hogan

    How to copy the header to footer ,I mean how can we have header at the footer also.

  14. Carsten Göke Avatar

    Hey Hogan, thanks again for this video. I tried it, but im not able to make the header skinnier than 130 px. Font Size is 14. I´ve tried it with font size 12. But no change at all. What can i do? Thanks very much. Greetz, Carlos.

  15. Greg Crimmins Avatar

    Hi Hogan,

    Can you do a tutorial on how to use Yoast with this theme? It is not picking up the text in the yoast plugin so all pages are bad SEO.


  16. Nat Avatar

    Hogan you are awesome! thanx for your work, it really helped me out to understand how everything works.
    However, I've been readin the FAQ and there's no answer to why, the Ultra theme I downloaded from your site, simply doesn't have some options, for example:
    on customize, there is no Widgets option. So I cannot make my widgets visible.
    I'm wondering if this is a different paid version?

  17. bio minerals Avatar

    Hogan how do i do button that when you press it pop down info. like the FAQ . ?


  18. Hogan Chua Avatar

    Quick Update: Use "HOGAN" for a 40% Discount on All Themify Products (Except Lifetime Club) Unitl 31st OCT!

  19. CapcasikDU Avatar

    And also Hogan my logo doesnt apeears on the menu panel can you help me with this????

  20. CapcasikDU Avatar

    Hello Hogan I have trouble with the menu panel, if i go to home page the menu is transparent but if i go to any of the rest, the menu panel doesnt still tranparent its just a grey color with no transparency. Do YOU KNOW WHY?

  21. skye rigdon Avatar

    Hogan!! still loving this tutorial a ton. Im pointing all my people to your material. I want to put out some free videos like this one but covering other topics. what program did you use to record everything?


  22. Kennel Santomard Avatar

    Hi Hogan , Is it possible to just make the footer skinnier and not the Header

  23. Chandler's River, Maine Avatar

    Great video and a big help. How did you know that was my next question?

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