How to Make MONEY as a Graphic Designer

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Making money as a designer can be a bit hit and miss sometimes! So here are some great ways to make some money being a graphic designer!

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26 responses to “How to Make MONEY as a Graphic Designer”

  1. Arthur Whitehead Avatar

    This is what I struggle with. I really love graphic design spending 15 hours doing it without noticing at times but I'm not confident about my future in this field.

  2. Rob Avatar

    I have considered to try and become a graphic designer for a long time. But I have kind of given up on it. For a few reasons. 1: I can't draw. 2: I don't think I'm that creative. For example my youtube logo. I made it myself. But the wolf is made out of someone else his drawing. Because I'm not capable of doing that myself..

  3. OanasDrafts Avatar

    0:06 Dreams were crushed

  4. Charlie Alexander Avatar

    You are a wonderful man

  5. Frenkė- Greta Avatar

    I'm 12 years old and I'm 3d graphic designer. I projecting and drawing it. I think I can't make money at this age. Or I can?
    (Sorry for my english)

  6. timelike01 Avatar

    Making money as a graphic artists is IMPOSSIBLE!! This is because most people think artists should work for free!

  7. Rosalva Dunn Avatar

    Are your monthly charges the reason of your stress? Are you searching for an online plan that can help you make $159 daily? We know the simplest way to do it! Did you know it? Just visit Google and search “sizo unique only”.

  8. nicholas christopher Avatar

    how to buy license for our work, and how to get paid for adds

  9. Pyro Pupz Avatar

    I'm 13 Yrs old and I made 13$ through Fiverr, I made one logo and polygon poly low designs and the client paid me through PayPal and I spent it on Minecraft ;P If you don't believe me I have evidence

  10. Emma Garofalo Avatar

    i'm terrified for when after the season ends. i have no marketable talents. i am truly a useless human being.

  11. Isabela Santos Avatar

    This was sooo helpfull, thanks a lot! Great work

  12. Elite Silvir Avatar

    I dont know how to get exposure…

  13. The World Squared Avatar

    Great video! Your vids always inspire me!

  14. Hammad S Avatar

    I love that you mentioned that everyone has their own flare while speaking. My issue is being unique to stand out.
    Typography confuses me though. How do you create your own fonts when there are already so many? Maybe you end up copying someone else's font…. ???

  15. Jim Burke Avatar

    Finding Inspiration with Learning some of the ways to Create is Great (awesome)… Thanks for Posting – I'm a Fan now

  16. Jessica Rabbit Avatar

    excellent info- thanks, you're really good at what you do!!!

  17. hydgurl77 Avatar

    he reminds me of Will from Shep689!

  18. Malen  Radi Avatar

    I like to know more about your work!!!

  19. NainhasBlog Avatar

    Hei, Talented Will, could you please name that music that you play at the end: …The reason I've dreaming to fly with you…? 🙂

  20. Trent Williams Avatar

    could u give a list of books you read at college.

  21. violet Avatar

    the video is going around and too long, bored.

  22. _Camera Stuff_ Avatar

    your r so good at this. I also want be become a graphic designer.I am 15 old how can I do it or start .

  23. TwinDenis Gaming Avatar

    I like doing graphic design on my spare time, I am a 3D artist but never found any job or got hired before, I was mainly focused for 3D Art which I completely ignored the fact that I could more easily do normal graphic design and get paid for it, thing is I am not sure if I am qualified to do so, I truly wish that was the case, I might attempt applying for such jobs to be honest.

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