How to Make Money Blogging Pt 2

Here I show you how to make money blogging by creating an automated website. I introduce the Postie Plugin. I also provide a tutorial on how to use Yahoo pipes.






13 responses to “How to Make Money Blogging Pt 2”

  1. Pratik Waikar Avatar

    This video is posted 5 yrs back.
    It is still working ?
    Can i earn money now in 2015 by following your video ?

  2. ITILII Avatar

    Wp o matic would appear to be defunct. Any other similar sites you would recommend ?

  3. Derek Banas Avatar

    @Mikinoyo1 I have seen an equal drop in auto-sites and original content sites. The changes seem to be focusing on providing search results from already popular sites. That means every small site is hurt no matter what there content is

  4. Derek Banas Avatar

    @mm96817 The last time I used pipes to pull content I noticed that I couldn't pull from my feed consistently once an hour. Custom coding a web scraping app is very easy. I also control the whole process. Pipes started out great but it just lost the consistency I need. They may have corrected this problem recently, but 3 months ago the problem still existed. I hope that helps

  5. Derek Banas Avatar

    @JonathanBowker I'm teaching all you need to know to make wordpress themes and plugins in my web design and programming tutorial. I should be demonstrating how to make this wp theme by the end of this month. When it's done I'll give it away 🙂

  6. Jonathan Bowker Avatar

    How are you getting on with the WordPress plugin?

  7. Derek Banas Avatar

    @JonathanBowker Parts 13, 14 and 17 of the Python Tutorial cover how to perform website scraping through Python cgi scripts. Hope they help. I'll turn it into a WP plugin soon

  8. Jonathan Bowker Avatar

    @derekbanas Thank you …. which part of the Python 2.7 tutorial?

  9. Derek Banas Avatar

    @JonathanBowker Yes Yahoo Pipes has been restricting the amount of information you can pull from it. I actually now use custom code to pull that information and put it on my sites. I demonstrate how to do that in my Python 2.7 tutorial. I will soon show you how to do that in PHP in my current tutorial and then just supply a new WordPress plugin. If you want to wait for that it will be available in a few weeks. It will be free of course 🙂

  10. Jonathan Bowker Avatar

    Great video thank you. The Div tag seems to be restricting the amount of words that can be extracted to the feed. Any advice?

  11. Derek Banas Avatar

    @dhruvownege I use Quicktime X for capture and iMovie for editing. Very cheap video software that works great for screen casts, but not so good for video casts. The voice is out of sync.

  12. Dhruv Sahni Avatar

    Great video once again, I was wondering what screen capture you are using? it's good quality.

  13. Dhruv Sahni Avatar

    Great video once again, not

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