How To Make More Money – Teenage Designers

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37 responses to “How To Make More Money – Teenage Designers”

  1. AllThingsEvil Avatar

    Thank you so much for making this video, this has given me the confidence and inspiration to go out there and make some money ! 🙂

  2. BlackCrowHQ Avatar

    i'm a graphic designer making sharp logos..well..i suck at it..i use photoshop.. :0

  3. ckmaui Avatar

    hahhaah teen go to your local pub 🙂 just struck me as funny

  4. Mellowplays Records Avatar

    I am a teenage designer and I don't know how I can sell designs

  5. David Grubisic Avatar

    If you were a kid, you would look like a kid in Home Alone 5

  6. GsRE Avatar

    Thank for the video. Never earned a penny since I started in this platform.

  7. Bruce Wayne Avatar

    How can i get my work licensed like, i do make some stuff but what's about the license. please help

  8. HyVolt Ryan Avatar

    Some teenagers don't have computer/laptop. What should they do to get money as a teenager and graphic designers? And what if those teenagers' phone doesn't support multitouch and it's small?

  9. JamesIsMute Avatar

    Would it be weird for a 12yr old (I'm 12 years old) to walk into a shop and ask if they need a logo remastering?

  10. Appollochan Avatar

    I'm not a teenage designer, but I still found these tips useful

  11. Kara Lajara Avatar

    This is actually great, it helps you break the ice

  12. Cookie Coding Avatar

    Is there a way I can start making logos for free without illustrator?

  13. Orest B. Avatar

    Watching this as an adult designer.

    (Not graduated yet though.)

  14. Viccc! Avatar

    Hi Will, I'm starting a Graphic Design degree soon, and this is equipment list I've been sent. Any recommendations for any of the items? Any good brands to look at for pencils, brushes, pens etc. Thanks.

    A3 cutting mat
    Block printing inks starter kit
    Acrylics/watercolour or gouache starter kits
    Scalpel and 10A blades
    Lino cutter set and blades
    Fine liner pens (various widths)
    Range of pencils (5B, 4B, 3B, 2B, B, HB, H)
    Thin and medium artist paintbrushes
    A4 or A3 sketchbooks
    Layout paper (A3)
    Tracing pad (A3)
    Marker pens, black, range of greys, dark medium and light and primary colours.

  15. James13060 Avatar

    it looks like you have no arms because the black shirt is the same colour as the background.

  16. Fin vD Avatar

    I'm currently in college to be a Media Designer, but to be honest I'm learning A LOT more from your videos than i'm learning at school…

  17. Connor Hay Avatar

    Great video Will! Don't mean to spam here but I believe this is the perfect place to get what I'm doing out there! I've just uploaded a video of me detailing exactly how to go about the first steps of starting your own social media marketing agency from scratch, no matter what your age or where your skill set is at right now. Check it out on my channel if you're interested!

  18. AudiChoiron Avatar

    I'm a multimedia student in my final years in highschool. I always want to make money on my own but i got some problems:
    1. I feel like my designs is not good enough
    2. I'm afraid my client would not be satisfied and think "i have to pay for this? really?"

    how can i go through that?

  19. leky designs Avatar

    i am a french teenage designer ( or i try to at least ^^ ) , and i can't sell my work for the moment, i try to grew up my community, but it's not really easy with 15 subs and 20 views on each video …… . thx for the tips 😉 ( sry for my basic english ) .

  20. Liam Petersen Avatar

    "Teenager goes to pub"

  21. Marcelo Meireles Avatar

    Awkward sleeves effect…

  22. RevyConcepts Avatar

    I've been waiting on this video for ages 🙂

  23. Sam Porter Avatar

    Will, this video is so valuable to me. I really appreciate you recognizing your younger audience, including me! Thank you so much!

  24. AyoDesigns Avatar

    Thank you for this video, really helpful.

  25. Average Joe Avatar

    what's a site I can sell my images that last idea sound kinda koo can I have info?

  26. Bradley Crandon Avatar

    Hi Will
    I wrote to a local design agency and I didn't even get a reply not even to thank me for my letter Why is this?

  27. Ajar Avatar

    That you so much man im a 17 year old graphic designer

  28. TID CREATIVE Avatar

    First things first… Money is not a good motivator but freedom already!

    To everyone else I say… there are rules with, which you can make more sales. Here a two of..999-

    1. "Be interested in others, if you want them to be interested in you."
    2. Don´t sell your service.. value, value, value…is the key to sucess.

  29. Pixel & Bracket Avatar

    While beautiful, I do feel like squarespace had limited mobile customizability and publishing capabilities

  30. littleredarmy Avatar

    Im 14 and have only 2 pieces of work but i want to start making some money while i learn what would be the best way to do that??

  31. Kajetan A. Avatar

    You don't need to finish any school to be a good graphic designer. I'm not 18 yet but I'm already making money.

  32. Efrem Avatar

    What are the links in the description?

  33. Eco Graphics Avatar

    Cheers for this video – extremely helpful – will take all on board.

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