How to Make Video Games 17 : Make Ms. Pac-Man

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You asked for it, and now here it is a Ms. Pac-man Clone! In this specific video I’ll cover how to draw all the sprite assets in Gimp including the Ghosts, Ms. Pac-Man, GameBoard, Dots, etc. Then we’ll cover how to create a pixel precise grid layout, setup our project, create sprite sheets, create animations, sorting layers, and so much more! Understanding how grid based games work will dramatically increase the number of games you can make.

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28 responses to “How to Make Video Games 17 : Make Ms. Pac-Man”

  1. strangertodeath Avatar

    This guy makes amazing videos every single time, from the ghetto to wherever you are pal Thank you. Your a blessing!

  2. Sleeping Willow Avatar

    Hey Derek, thank you so much for these tutorials. My interest in programming was sparked a few weeks ago and I've thoroughly enjoyed/learned the most from your vids.

    Quick question though: Is there a specific command to control the volume level of individual sound effects in your game, or would that be something to accomplish through the Unity Interface? If so, how?

  3. koo byk Avatar

    Thanks, Derek. U da best.

  4. Billy Nasir Avatar

    I have suggestion could you make a 2d zelda game for a future tutorial?

  5. Imaginary Gravity Avatar

    Just finished videos 13-16. I like to follow a tutorial knowing that it is completed, so I'll start this segment of Pac-Man when you finish it up! I enjoyed the other ones and I'm looking forward to this one. 🙂 I'm a beginner in Unity and this is good practice for getting familiar with the interface and features in Unity in general. I find myself remembering small things like adding " using UnityEngine.UI; " at the top of scripts and I'm getting faster at just remembering where to go within Unity so the small things get done faster, so thank you!

    I've noticed you haven't done anything with multiplayer yet, but I'm sure people in the comments have asked plenty of times. I think it might be cool to see a simple implementation of multiplayer (small scale) by making a 1-versus-1 Tetris since you have already created a Tetris tutorial? Maybe just as an extension to the Tetris tutorial? It's something I plan on attempting in my spare time for the sake of learning, but if you do a video on it that would be awesome as well!

  6. Paul Lua:P Avatar

    Nice Tutorial! Can you make a llvm tutorial?

  7. Omar kyon Avatar

    I have a question. How do you suggest one watch these videos? If one just copies the code, one won't learn anything so how do you suggest one use these videos to increase one's programming knowledge and understanding? thank you.

  8. Luis Almeida Avatar

    Mr. Banas i love your tutorials. If you find the time can you do a Laravel(PHP) tutorial?
    Tank you very much for all you content.

  9. Zeus AC Avatar

    You need make a Gimp Tutorial..It will be great!!!.
    Excellent videos, I cant stopping watching them.

  10. David Chipman Avatar

    Was just watching another Youtuber playing Kerbal Space Program. Will you ever do a "Lunar Lander" clone?

  11. Grant Celley Avatar

    So there is a program called William Whitaker's Words which is a powerful Latin to English dictionary. It is open source and I want to contribute to the project. It is programmed in Ada and it is hard to read the code. Could you do an Ada in one video please.

  12. Löffelmeister Avatar

    When you get to 3d games do you think you can make a portal clone?

  13. BravoSixSTS Avatar

    I think you should found a game studio. I'd throw an application your way!

  14. Mitch TheGuy Avatar

    Thank you Lord Derek

  15. Arren Avatar

    Derek with the part on placing in all the dots manually, I REALLY recommend you just do that on Start() programmatically.
    Just thinking about it right now, you could just define the areas that the DOTs can spawn with a minimum distance away from previous one (and other mathematical calculations) to fill up the volume.
    So even just putting invisible boxes that define the areas that you can move to would work.

    Also, even if you do this manually you should really be using the Snapping feature with holding CTRL (after you set offset settings).
    Along with the selecting multiple ones to duplicate it would be a lot faster / less tedious.

  16. Abrar Iqbal Avatar

    Thank you Thank you Thank you so much! 🙂

    I've just one lecture behind to complete C# tutorials. My University work comes up so I've not so much punctual in watching. After Friday watching your live stream, I will start game tutorials.

    Thank you once again for making tutorials 🙂

    A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning. Thank you teacher for inspiring and helping us to achieve our imagination 🙂

  17. Mike Nelson Avatar

    I hope the next serious is on making call of duty from scratch

  18. blAmmAld Avatar

    Your voice would fit just awesomely well in a radio station, and for a boss to ask you to smoke to be better, he should be fired! To think, as a programmer, that this world, the universe, and all of life formes has not been programmed from the very very beginning is totally crazy!Your teaching is outstanding good! I do envy you your skills and all of your knowledge a lot! And I've been watching quite a few of them all!As an older than you, almost could be your father at age, I can only say that hobby is the very great thing in life! A job you can not change at any time given, but a hobby you can put aside, do something else for a while, go back if you'd like to, or simply let be. A total freedom in life! A job: Not so!! Early in life I had all intention of doing something good for learning and working for myself, but didn't have the money to start up anything at all,  reading lots of books, thinking a lot, but at a pure lack of needed resources to fulfill anything of it all. Then came paying down cars and a house, getting married and having children. Getting divorced,  no small children no more, but also getting older and not so fresh to complete things no more, even with the money in the account to possibly do it.  I've got a huge project going now, with the like of an idea of everything happening all automatically,  no need to do anything at all manually, totally no time consuming, but hopefully creating an income, but it's also kind of pretty big for me, so doing just pieces and bits week by week by learning as I go. Most possibly doing a lot wrong and too awkward, but hoping for a result.But one thing I do know is that while having a wife and small children, there's a time for hobby and a time for responsibility! I guess your wife's name is spelled out Joy. And this is what yo now most of all have to share with your family! Joy with your wife and joy with your kids, because this time will neven ever come back to you, be YOU very SURE about THIS fact!  :O) It is so easy to enjoy a hobby when life is totally good to you, but this joy of a hobby might also be a family killer in the very long run, you know. You are totally very totally great at what you're doing on here, Derek, but your little great family is more important than any silly script! I's love to have your knowledge at a younger age, but it's also very good to be able to still learn new things, and to use them all after all small birds has been flying out of their sweet nest!  :))))  This is my advice for you, and I do wish you all the very best for many, many years to come! My speech is hereby over, so… Have a very nice day!

  19. Dino Zoe Avatar

    Soon you will get 1M subscribers, because your channel is awesome. 🙂

  20. T Riddle Avatar

    One minor point, I assume you're going to flip ms pacman when she's facing right. Won't this mean that she will look like the light is shining on her from the wrong side?

  21. Thanoss Coc Avatar

    derek plz do a one video visual basic tutorial

  22. John Silver Avatar

    Derek are you planning to do OpenGL + C++ tutorials? Aswell as unreal engine tutorials?

  23. JustTestingMyCurrentSkills Avatar

    Master Derek, why didn't you use the grid?

  24. Rahul Prabhu Avatar

    I can't thank you enough for your videos, DEREK and it's good to see you use Windows 10! Ps. I'm a Windows guy!

  25. Mehmed Çavaş Avatar

    could make also a java game series? ^^

  26. Gursharan Marwaha Avatar

    Amazing tutorial. Can you also make games for iOS app development?

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