How to Make Video Games 22 : Make Ms. Pac-Man 6

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In this part of my tutorial on making Ms. Pac-Man we learn all sorts of useful techniques. We’ll learn how to use arrays to keep Ms. Pac-Man in the maze, modeling a game board in an array, turning ghosts blue, animating ghosts, accessing game object scripts in code, going through portals, more about StartCoroutine, sound effects and much more.

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17 responses to “How to Make Video Games 22 : Make Ms. Pac-Man 6”

  1. Vidit Khandelwal Avatar

    can you do android game development please…

  2. bbcy2 Avatar

    Could you make a Touhou or eXceed clone with bullet patterns?

  3. Angelina Jolie Avatar

    Hi Derek !
     I Have 02 questions: the code at line 146:
     // Faces Pacman left
     transform.localScale = new Vector2 (-1, 1);
    at line 166:
    // Faces Pacman right
     transform.localScale = new Vector2 (-1, 1);
    Does the vector (-1,1) make it face left or right? and what does -1 do to the scaling of an object?
    Thanks In Advance !

  4. Pat Wicker Avatar

    Platinum. Say since you sold your house, have you already moved or is that coming up? As a programmer for about 39 years I am enjoying this series.

  5. Tranculent Avatar

    I cannot understand how you can think in such perfect logical way! I doubt I will ever think like you do, very impressed! Keep up the videos coming.

  6. Dodgy Brothers Avatar

    I have no idea how you make it all sound so logical and easy to follow.

  7. Mm Gho Avatar

    thanks for deleting my comments

  8. Nate Higgers Avatar

    hey long time follower here! i have seen you say that there is a react tutorial coming up. is the tutorial still being done or are you going to doing it later?

  9. Tuna Durnal Avatar

    Hey Derek, how do you create that cool beginings of your tutorials ? Really exited !

  10. Faizan Ahmad Avatar

    Hi Derek!

    I want to construct apps like Flickr Snapchat and Instagram in the future…….

    Should I go for the traditional way to design apps by learning Java and swift?


    Should I go for the React Native methodology after learning Web Development??

    Guide me DUDE!! ☺☺☺

  11. Andrei P. Avatar

    Can you make something more about WPF when you finish this? Templates overwrite are tricky and I`d like to see some good practices from you.

  12. Jordan Banta Avatar

    do you think you will ever do an electron tutorial? would help me alot

  13. Michel Atwood Avatar

    Derek it would be awesome if you could post the Unity project on unity so that you can download it.

  14. Dino Zoe Avatar

    Thanks alot for this part, God bless you 🙂

  15. soft fost Avatar

    After these series what are you planning to cover?

  16. CobraL0rd Avatar

    The implementation of Pacman game AI is a very important step for someone that wants to become a (game) programmer / developer. So you guys pay extra attention to this series. PacMan game could be a very important milestone.

  17. kareem Avatar

    Hi , I'm really sorry if this comment is not related to the video
    But I have a question about "access tokens and refresh tokens" that I get from REST api.
    I'm writing an angular app and I don't know if I should store access token and refresh token using localstorage/cookies because when I search I find there is XSS/CSRF attacks so what should I use? also I read that refresh token aren't' supposed to be used in javascript.
    Thank you so much for all the videos 😀

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