How to Make Video Games 23 : Finish Ms. Pac-Man

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In this video we finish Ms. Pac-Man and learn how to do even more! We’ll create and set up all 4 Ghosts, position Ghosts in the center cell, return Ghosts after eaten, move Ghosts randomly, chase Ms. Pac-Man, have Ghosts eat Ms. Pac-Man, update scores and a whole lot more.

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28 responses to “How to Make Video Games 23 : Finish Ms. Pac-Man”

  1. Thanoss Coc Avatar

    Dear Mr. Banas,
    You are one of the best programming tutor and you videos help me a lot in understanding the basics of scripting and developing games. I would request you to make some videos on 3D game development in Unity. Thank you very much for sharing you knowledge with us.

  2. CobraL0rd Avatar

    We only need a 3d unity game tutorial, or an Unreal Engine one. Such a tutorial would require ~20 videos, but we wouldn't need anything more for gaming afterwards. Think about it.

  3. Public Static Void Avatar

    Hi Derrick, pleeease make a tutorial on a "Zelda" clone and sprite designing ?
    PS "Gold"!!!!!

  4. Daniel Wertz Avatar

    I absolutely can't wait for the zelda tutorial! I am trying to make it as a web developer but i have a huge personal interest in making video games as a hobby. I love your game tutorials and thank you very much for making them!

  5. Ka Boom Avatar

    Do you use a desktop or a laptop?

  6. Karim Ihab Avatar

    One of the best Youtuber I ever followed

  7. A.S.M. Minlok Avatar

    Hi, Derek. I would love you to teach us how to make Chess in this 2D style. Using Unity and C#, of course, but with some in depth AI and so on. Thank you for all this incredible content!

  8. Heloy Estevanin Avatar

    Hey Derek, I'm in love with this series. Have you decided what's coming next ? I really hope you get the credit you deserve for all the effort you put in your videos.

  9. Letsoni Terror Avatar

    which free software can i use to create games? Derek Banas

  10. kadju Avatar

    oh my goodness i can't wait to see zelda being made

  11. Prominent Gaming Avatar

    Derek man! I love ya brother. I've recently purchased courses on C# and unity development for games and I'm very happy to see that you're working on game series and plan on making more games! I've been subbed for well over a year and appreciate all the work and love you put in.

  12. Lucas Ljs Avatar

    Thx so much for the tutorials! I hope I can eventually be able to do all the c# without tutorials.

  13. Ṗṛẫḃḝṩȟ Sṹɓéḓì Avatar

    Derek is one of the most dedicated YouTuber out there, Event his audience is small he keeps continuously uploading quality and FREE content. JUST LOVE YOU DEREK!!!

  14. Andrew Lerion Avatar

    Hi Derek. I love your videos! 🙂 I'm still waiting for that ASP.NET/REST API tutorial. 😛 What's next on the list? Zelda, Xamarin and after that? 😉

  15. Dino Zoe Avatar

    Hi Derek, Do you have (Java | Data Structure tutorial) in your channel
    if it's, Could you give me the PlayList link, Please. 🙂

  16. Zach Zimmermann Avatar

    Do you have any plans to make an Xamarin course/video?

  17. Dodgy Brothers Avatar

    Hey Derek, I just downloaded the whole game from your website and tried to fire it up in VS 2017. I received the following 53 errors. Do I need to install this unity program you are using? Ok won't let me post them, can I email you the text document?

  18. I am the Law Avatar

    Hey Derek awesome video! Although is there a video or a part in the videos on videogames on how make winning conditions scenes? Eg: Ms. pacman dies, everything stops and a GAME OVER screen pops-up. I know this might sound silly but I am having an hard time making it. Thx in advance

  19. maxirater Avatar

    Do you think you could do a quick video on OpenGL. Not making an entire game in OpenGL but just understanding the rendering and shading pipeline. I am told it makes you a much better game programmer if you understand OpenGL (or DirectX)

  20. Arben Mana Avatar

    Hello Derek, I just wanted to say that your channel is awesome! To be honest, I also had a request 😛 . Would you please consider doing a tutorial on lex/flex or yac/bison? I would really like to learn more about them, and I think that you make the best programming tutorials out there. Thanks for reading this!

  21. Manish Dhruw Avatar

    hi derek ,
    i think you should make tutorial for each component of game instead of whole game
    inventory system,
    gameplay screen UI
    main menu
    battle screen

    just my opinion

  22. Stalin Smilin Avatar

    Hello Lord Derek 🙂 Do I need a degree to be a PHP developer?
    Thank you 🙂

  23. MikeOnTheBox Avatar

    Looks like the ghost remained blue after eating them. I guess that would mean that they will start following PacMan even while been blue. But not sure.

  24. PouletCavalier Avatar

    Link to the project files doesn't work.

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