How to Make Video Games 24 : Make Zelda 1

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This is the first part of my video series in which I will make a Legend of Zelda clone. I get asked all the time to cover how to make pixel art, so I’ll cover that first. I’ll show exactly how I drew Link and then I’ll draw a ground sprite as well. We’ll also look at the finished sprite sheet I’ll use for the game.

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22 responses to “How to Make Video Games 24 : Make Zelda 1”

  1. Dino Zoe Avatar

    You are Legend. God bless you for helping people

  2. Thanoss Coc Avatar

    Hey Derek,
    After this, can you make some videos on Neural Networking with c++. It would be of great help as I have to make a project on it at the end of this semester.
    Thank you

  3. GameCreator2004 Avatar

    Can you make a "How to make video game with lwjgl 3.0" tutorial series.

  4. zombiecarrot Avatar

    You can clearly see he searched "link sprite link to the past" and yet still called him Zelda… I am gonna chalk that up to a brain fart!

  5. Shrae Verma Avatar

    you're doing hard work . great job (and best explanation) i am an indian but can understand you fully

  6. SocialSensei Avatar

    I think you should do Frogger or Arkanoid!

  7. Yasmin Wirths Avatar

    Time to change your name… to Derek B@d@$$

  8. Chris Robinson Avatar

    Haha. He has a “Link” to be spreadsheet. I see what he did.

  9. Mussa Kaleem Avatar

    Great series. Can you please make a video on R programing language.

  10. Epic Macca Programming Avatar

    Great tutorial! It’s great to see that you use free software like gimp, and not something like photoshop.

  11. GameSmartt Avatar

    God is there anything you cant do? Coding, Art and not to mention a great cook. Looking forward to this series a lot as I hope to do game dev in the future.

  12. Heloy Estevanin Avatar

    Oh yes! the wait is over!, thank you Derek

  13. Landon Dick Avatar

    Link looks killer! Thanks for the sprite tutorial in Gimp today. I’m not working in Unity as I’m aiming for C++ Unreal work however I’m sticking with the 2D goal working with sprites. Thank you for this!

  14. Raven Claw Avatar

    Unity has it's own code or is just to make sprites and you program using C#?

  15. Flat Earth Center Avatar

    The Earth is flat, wake up and resesrch it

  16. Leo Kall Avatar


  17. Tex Texadecimal Avatar

    Zelda looked rather masculine in Link to The Past.

  18. Aniket Navlur Avatar

    Please please please make a video explaining pointers in C in depth please

  19. Carlos Luis Herrera Avatar

    Hey Mr. Derek! Do you have e-commerce related Tutorials in your channel?

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