How to Make Video Games 6 : Space Invaders 3

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Welcome to the next to last part of my How to Make Space Invaders tutorial! In this part I’ll cover Sound Effects, Bullets, Making Objects Appear, OnTriggerEnter, SoundManager, Changing Scores, SpriteRenderer, Changing Sprites, Destroying Objects, and a bunch of tips on how to avoid mistakes.

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34 responses to “How to Make Video Games 6 : Space Invaders 3”

  1. Derek Banas Avatar

    To precisely position objects : Select them in the scene : Hold down the v key : Drag the object into place in relation to other objects.

    I tried to do that in this video, but my capture software was messing it up. I finish Space Invaders next time. After that I create Tetris 100% live with no previous planning.

  2. Bill Barnes Avatar

    Great fucking tutorial series, man. Thank you. I must say that the bullet containing the code and sprites to kill the aliens (and ship) is weird to me. I know you are doing things to decrease the time taken for recording, so would you suggest including the different sprites for each state of a model be stored within it's own script?

  3. Kyle Nally Avatar

    My code is identical to yours but I'm getting no sound when I fire a bullet. What should I check?

  4. spaghettiosaregreat Avatar

    I'm sure you're going to figure this out in the next video, but in case not: @20:20 you added two Alien Bullet script components to the AlienBullet prefab. I wanted to mention this in case someone didn't notice and it caused a bug. 🙂

  5. DevelopPaul123 Avatar

    An infinite runner would be cool to see.

  6. Rgroose Avatar

    What about game Snake? 🙂

  7. Alex King Avatar

    "I have a lot to do so let's get into it!" – The GOAT


    can i post my game's on if its ok with you

  9. Manish Dhruw Avatar

    hey derek, can you do some video that explains tiled games and turn based tiled combat system.
    And if possible, use game engine that can run on linux , like godot.

  10. PushMyCarr Avatar

    Derek, thank you so much for the upload!
    These videos help so much!

  11. Mike Nelson Avatar

    do you think c++ is better for developing more advanced games than java c# javascript which has more advanced libraries for games

  12. badrul alam Avatar

    Dear,I am faced one problem my development apps successfully run emulated & working but If i am debug apk file install my phone or other device but not open apps and say unfortunately stop ……….. apps?Why do not open app and say this?Please given solution……?Thanks

  13. Exodus Avatar

    Hey Derek 🙂 Are you going to stream in a moment?

  14. Vishnu Narayan Avatar

    I have some doubts.
    Firstly why do we need prefabs of AlienExplosion and ShipExplosion if all you were gonna do is replace the aliens and ships with their respective sprites?
    Second, why did you use col.gameObject.tag to refer to ships tag but col.tag for every other object in the script for AlienBullets?

    if (col.gameObject.tag == "Player")

  15. Humayun Kabir Avatar

    Very valuable series. Have you any plan of making Turn based Game?

  16. JamesTheTiger Avatar

    Hello. I was wondering what the program is that you are using.
    Thanks! (:

  17. FreeER atubeacct Avatar

    Hm…. I'm trying to jump ahead a little and get the aliens firing, just randomly for now since they don't even move lol

    I did manage that but for some reason that I can't figure out, they all fire at the same time when starting the game. Code:

    // TargetFramerate is a class/script that sets Application.targetFrameRate to TargetFramerate.targetFrameRate (60)
    // instead of the default -1 which is rather useless…

    // Alien.cs

    private int nextTime; // next frame count alien should fire on
    void Start ()
    // setup
    nextTime = Time.frameCount + TargetFramerate.targetFrameRate * 3 + (int)(Random.Range(0,10) * TargetFramerate.targetFrameRate);

    void Update ()
    if (Time.frameCount > nextTime)
    nextTime += TargetFramerate.targetFrameRate/2 + (int)(Random.Range(0, 5) * TargetFramerate.targetFrameRate);
    Instantiate(theBullet, transform.position, Quaternion.identity);

    I've even tried setting nextTime to int.MaxValue and adding an else if (nextTime == int.MaxValue) { set to logical, randomized, next time } and they still all fired at the start 🙁

    Anyone know what obvious Unity thing I'm doing wrong here? lol

    Here's the project if you need it:

  18. Badmus Kaybee Avatar

    Before you go in to 3d you cab create 2.5 d game and explain the concept of FPS and RPG

  19. Onur Tanrıkulu Avatar

    I liked your design pattern tutorials. So, I am waiting an other tutorial something like Unity game development with design patterns. Because I have a lot of questions design patterns usage in unity3d or component based an other engine.

  20. Bayonic Brain Avatar

    hi.I really enjoy your unity tutorials and find them very helpful. however in this tutorial shouldn't the player bullet not destroy the shield?

  21. Spiral Lightning Avatar

    If anybody is interested in making games in python, you can check out my video

  22. Exodus Avatar

    Hi Derek 🙂 I appreciate your hard work. Can you please do a networking tutorial?

  23. Weed Avatar

    maybe do pacman next xD
    I just got my new pc 😉

  24. Cecil Khokhar Avatar

    which text editor are you using? it looks like atom.

  25. Sanjay Shr Avatar

    Sir, I hope Cython is next in list 😛

  26. Konrados232 :Shader Pl: Avatar

    Hi Derek. The easiest way to set objects perfectly is holding Ctrl while moving them. Also, isn't better to make fire point (just empty game object), attach it to spaceship (or whatever you want) and there instantiating bullets? Maybe here that isn't important, but I think it's a good habit to do that.
    I also noticed that constantly shooting to explosion after alien's death still increasing the score. I repaired this by changing in Bullet script Alien tag to Wall tag (:D).

  27. vale21 Avatar

    Hi Derek, amazing series, thank you for the videos, I love them. I just want to ask, can I learn C# while making games in Unity? I mean, could I make more than "just" games? Or should I stick with Visual Studio for learning?

  28. K.Q.E A Avatar

    Amazing and Hats off!

  29. RGM7 Avatar

    hi friends visit my new channel and support if you like

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