How to Make Video Games 8 : Make Tetris

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In this video I start making one of the greatest games ever being Tetris! I’m trying something new this time. In previous videos I tested ideas before videoing them. This time I will create Tetris with no previous preparation. I’ll test my way through creating the whole game.

I think this will benefit people because they’ll see me make mistakes and then see how I go about solving problems. In this first video I show how to draw everything in Gimp. I then setup the game, create the borders, the interface and then all the tetrominos. I hope you enjoy this series and learn a lot.

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39 responses to “How to Make Video Games 8 : Make Tetris”

  1. Derek Banas Avatar

    What game should I make next? Mario, or Pacman?

  2. moto_HYUTS Avatar

    Holding the V key when building shapes was a bit finicky for me even after setting x,y on the object to 0. Great vid as always. Excited for Mario don't want to skip ahead though.

  3. DevelopPaul123 Avatar

    You should seriously consider becoming a Udemy instructor. I'm lovin your game making series. Keep them coming!

  4. kennyPAGC Avatar

    why do you multi select the children gameobjects instead of just the parent to move them around?

  5. kennyPAGC Avatar

    it would have probably been smarter to create the wall from cubes programmatically that way we wouldn't have to manually duplicate the cubes and set their positions, the problem with this is: is it possible to create a prefab programmatically?

  6. kennyPAGC Avatar

    where can I get the assets? the linked "Get Code & Images" page does not have any assets to be downloaded

  7. T Riddle Avatar

    I had a couple of minor problems. When I pressed 'v' and tried to line up the cubes to make a shape, they were 0.5 squares out of alignment with the first cube so I had to input the coordinates by hand in the transform window. Also my Assets show the sprite and prefabs as drawings rather than file names.

  8. HezyFoShizy Avatar

    Awesome As Always 🙂

  9. Igor Krstev Avatar

    Your channel is goldmine, will post on reddit/twitter for most underrated channels

  10. MrGurkentomate Avatar

    So why are you doing the alignments by eye and not by simply changing the position in the Transform tab on the right? The Alignments go easier, more accurate and faster that way.

  11. kadju Avatar

    For a moment I thought you were really gonna do a game from scratch, I mean, without using an engine. But thank you for the video, I'm currently watching your tutorial videos on Java and learning a lot!

  12. Raven Claw Avatar

    I have a question about programming in general, recently I challenge myself to learn JavaScript, because I truly hate that language, I get the syntax, I know how to make functions and stuff like that, but that is a problem, I get the syntax, but I don't feel like I can build stuff in it. Programming is more than code, I know that, but something that I don't know is what I need to do in this situation, what is my next move? Help t.t

  13. miiworld2 Avatar

    Whaaaaaaaat? Making Tetris??
    I'd hit the Subscribe button… but I already did. 😀

  14. Kumar Manoj Avatar

    The more i watch the more i fall in love with ur content!!! Doing a great job there!!! @derek banas

  15. GameCreator2004 Avatar

    After this game making series finish, can you make a tutorial about the gson library for java. pretty please.

  16. 5zazen Avatar

    Before Gui programs like this were available did you write the sprites in assembly, then combine shape turning behavior with random loops to change the game? How do you combine graphic shapes with code telling shapes how to behave?

  17. Aedan Johnston Avatar

    Absolutely wonderful! Straight to the point, extremely informative, one of the best tutorials I've seen!

  18. kovinster Avatar

    Making games is surely not as easy as playing. Great stuff (y)

  19. The Awesome Worst Gamer Avatar

    Yesssss!!! I've been waiting for this one! Thanks Derek!

  20. PushMyCarr Avatar

    Thank you for the upload! Enjoying every minute of these tutorials!!!

  21. supr guy Avatar

    15:05 it's hurting my eyes.. the vertical walls are off by one pixel

  22. Alex Eaton Avatar

    As the Emos/Goths say, 'Tetris taught me not to fit in or I would disappear!!'

  23. CRUZIFIED Avatar

    Among the best tutorials on YouTube. I wish you were around when I started off.

  24. Konrad S Avatar

    Another great video :d

    Im fully aware of the fact is it much more advanced stuff, but i think it would be great to go through mario, pacman into some tower defense games and then maybe something more like strategical? Like Heroes 1/2 😀 (I know it's a lot, it's just my wet dream)

    Thanks again man, you're really making a difference.

  25. Luong Nguyen Van Avatar

    OMG, it's awesome, thank you so much.

  26. Gugchug Avatar

    have you looked at You might use that while its free until august for animations and make a cool 3D game!!!

  27. Nikita Gruntov Avatar

    А я смотрю на превью и думаю, какая тётя?

  28. Joker Plays Avatar

    Do a Blender modeling tutorial in 40 minutes man

  29. Mitesh Sharma Avatar

    do you have any plans for an opengl tutorial series? if yes, I am waiting !!!

  30. Tam Gaming Avatar

    Awesome – thanks a lot for all the work you are doing!!! First make pls Mario – then Pacman 🙂

  31. Shareef Hiasat Avatar

    waiting for next thanks:)

  32. Douglas Dias Avatar

    Great! Thank you, Derek!

  33. Weed Avatar

    Why do you use windows and no Linux?
    nice vid 🙂

  34. Tushar Maurya Avatar

    Man You are awesome

  35. MisterBassBoost Avatar

    Fantastic video! Keep it up!

  36. RemixProf Avatar

    Notification squad ?

  37. fataxel Avatar

    we love you derek!!!

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