How To Make Vintage Typography in Adobe Illustrator CC

Vintage typography is hard enough to draw by hand, so in this Adobe Illustrator CC tutorial I’ll be showing you how you can create vintage type easily!

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17 responses to “How To Make Vintage Typography in Adobe Illustrator CC”

  1. Ellis Owens Avatar

    Great video, this helps a lot!

  2. Waxinton Avatar

    Aviable only for "O"?

  3. Sebastian Sokal Avatar

    Your vids are really helpful! Love them:)


    Wow great tutorial , btw big fan

  5. Dee Tyler Avatar

    more videos like this!! please

  6. Trev4000 Avatar

    Id never use clipping masks – I tend to use path finder and make everything an object and often put strokes on a background layer. Could see the 'steps' from the blend tool when you use Specified Steps (5:57) – always annoys me that when doing 3D effects in illustrator. Was hoping the offset path function (I often forget that tool) would solve an issue Ive always encountered when outlining and stroking text …but no – still encounter that bizarre stroke wig out on tight corners where it doesn’t quite match the original path its off set from. Seems like I know how to do this stuff already… cool tutorial though!

  7. Jinkdrrk Avatar

    really wish you'd remove music from your videos. doesn't really add anything and distracts from listening to what you're saying. thanks foe the video as usual though

  8. Tozfu Design Avatar

    Would be amazing if you could give me some feedback on my channel? I understand you're most properly busy with work but it would mean a lot, thanks, Toz.

  9. Seyox - Sem Avatar

    Was this an livestream? for the rest nice 'tutorial' :O

  10. Nick Yonce Avatar

    This is so awesome! Will, YOU DA MAN

  11. HAZZABICE Avatar

    does anyone want to make me something (for free) real quick which i need asap and it'll be easy?? please help!!

  12. MOSC HD Avatar

    Hello Will, can you make a complete tutorial on the process of a simple sans serif or serif font by showing these steps :
    1.Glyphs or vector shapes in Illustrator or Inkscape
    2.Adjustments ( in FontLab or Fontforge )
    3.Kerning in FontLab or Fontforge
    3.Export ?


  13. Nacho Chips Avatar

    just a question, do you record at 25fps? i notice that when you move the mouse it has a harsh motion blur unlike 60fps videos. just wanted to know .3.

  14. André Dexterity Avatar

    I've have learned so many new techniques from this one video, thanks.

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