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How To Make Your Business Attractive To Potential Employees

Since the last financial crisis a little over a decade ago, the employment environment has recovered, and there are a glut of jobs out there for the many students graduating from university. This, however, means that job-hunters are becoming more and more picky, with many comfortable with the idea of working freelance, without the benefits offered by full-time employment. This battle for talent means that those hiring, are constantly having to differentiate themselves and make their businesses seem like the place to be, in order to attract top talent. Below, we look at a few things that a businesses and recruiters can do or offer, in order to attract employees.

Have a clear identity

By having a clear identity and company culture, you should know what type of employees would fit into your organisation and it should be easier to find someone who fits that mould. If your business does not have a clear message as to who you are and what is your purpose, this will make it much harder to attract employees that will improve your business. If your business is to rid the world of single-use plastics, let it be known. If you want to improve the living standards in less well-off communities, then say so. By having a clear identity, you will find it much easier to find people who are a better fit, as they will be looking for an employer that is aligned with themselves.

Invest in work tools

Tools can be a variety of things dependent on the user. A restaurant would invest in their kitchen and ingredients while a co-working space would do well to invest in visitor management systems. While it is important for a business to invest well in itself, it should ultimately only choose what will add value. Prospective employees will need to believe in an organisation’s longevity before they consider applying for the job. Effective investment in such tools will let applicants know a business is serious.

Common mistakes made by new businesses is investing too heavily on what looks attractive in real life, but less so on paper. Think about small tech companies that purchase the most high-end of Apple products to seem pleasing on the eye, when the funds could have been better spent on recruiting an extra employee.

Competitive salary and benefits

The truth is that most employees are motivated by money, and therefore offering a salary with benefits that is comparable, or better than the competitors, can be the difference between hiring or missing out on that person. If you want to hire the best then you certainly have to be prepared to pay like the best. Employees are the backbone of any business, so they should be considered an investment and treated like one. Offering a good salary with benefits such as bonuses, insurance and sick pay is the bare minimum expected.






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