How to Make Your Website “SUPER” Responsive [ULTRA THEME]

In this detailed tutorial, I’ll walk you through on how to make your website “SUPER” responsive for the Ultra Theme by Themify. It’s SUPER Awesome!

Test your website:
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If you have any questions, drop them down below!

Hogan Chua






20 responses to “How to Make Your Website “SUPER” Responsive [ULTRA THEME]”

  1. Hogan Chua Avatar

    Update as of 29th June 2017: This video is an outdated version with no responsive styling option – will update it ASAP on a video which uses the responsive styling options so it is more SEO friendly and also easier management of row/modules 🙂



  2. 100x Support Avatar

    Hi Hogan. Thank you for all that you do. Your website is a great resource for those of us new to website design. I have a question. I am using Themify Ultra for my site and now going step by step to duplicate and make each module perfect for mobile site. I am noticing on my mobile viewing that the page isn't "fixed", meaning I can move the content all of the way off the mobile screen to where I am only viewing a white blank screen. How do I fix this and make it set not to move right to left? Thank you for your assistance. Carla

  3. Oscar Halleröd Avatar

    Hi Hogan, is it possible to remove the arrows and pagination when you use a slider as a background? Your tutorials are amazing, keep it up!

  4. Catherine Turner Avatar

    Hi Hogan, Amazing tutorial! It helped me so much. Unfortunately, when I tried to deactivate my current version of Ultra so that I could upload your updated one, it now gives me an error. It says
    Fatal error: Cannot redeclare themify_get_attachment_id_from_url() (previously declared in /home/turnerpr/public_html/wp-content/plugins/themify-shortcodes/themify/img.php:224) in/home/turnerpr/public_html/wp-content/plugins/themify-portfolio-post/includes/themify/img.php on line 190
    Any idea what I can do to fix this? First time creating a website! Thanks!

  5. Robert Erdt Avatar

    Is it possible to make a feature with an icon scroll? like the text in the video but with an icon?

  6. Tamas Szabo Avatar

    responsinator isn't free anymore is it?
    not working for me 🙁

  7. aspen potter Avatar

    Hi Hogan! Thanks for such awesome videos! So I'm trying to make my sidebar font smaller and its not changing. Im going to customize-> sidebar-> sidebar font and I'm changing it but its not changing anything.

  8. lydia clarke Avatar

    Hogan Chua, you are amazing! I am so grateful for you! There is no one out there who can make web design as simple but beautiful as you do! THANK YOU

  9. heresatissue Avatar

    Love your videos. I'm having an issue with the mobile version of my sites homepage. I have a mobile module with a background (full cover) that is larger than everything else, allowing you to zoom out to see the background image, which makes the mobile version not so friendly. Instead of a slider menu I'm trying to place 4 links (vertically arranged) underneath a title, all in the same text box. No matter how I arrange it, I can't seem to get it to look acceptable at all. What are the image dimensions you are using for the background

  10. Marilyne Tran Avatar

    My website is full width but not on the mobile. How do I fix it ? 🙁

  11. Out Of The Box Avatar

    Hey Hogan, thank you for this very helpful and detailed tutorial. While going through all the main steps of your "how to make a drag and drop homepage tutorial" while using my own content, I had to realize that my page isn't as responsive as yours on a mobile device. The whole Main Page picture and text is not centered in Tablet/Mobile View. Is there a chance to fix this issue without adding some exclusive mobile and desktop text modules and changing their viewability. Thanks in advance and snowy greetings from Germany, Pat

  12. Buddhist Blogger Avatar

    Hi Hogan, thank you for another great video! Much appreciated. I have a problem with the font – my website is in Czech, and when I view the website on my laptop, the headings are ok. When I try on my phone, some letters do not match the font. However, when I check on responsinator, everything seems all right. Do you happen to know how to fix it? Thank you!

  13. Chenguang Gong Avatar

    Dear Hogan,
    Thanks for the tutorial. Now I have three questions to ask about the Themify theme settings. First, when inserting a slider into the module, I can only select the post option, other options like image, text and portfolio are not clickable? Why? The second question is when adding the default contact form from the "contact form 7" plugin, the message bar looks too big and wide on the computer. How to adjust the css to make every bar the same width? The last question is how to add a link for the footer text 2?


  14. Cas Gratama Avatar

    Hi Hogan, thanks a lot for the tutorial! I wondered if you maybe could make a video on how to make the shop page more mobile responsive. When I resize the screen or look at my page trough a phone, there are two products next to each other and it just doesn't look that good. Could you help me out?

  15. design by atlantis Avatar

    would you know how to resize the tiles?

  16. Business Momo Avatar

    Hi Hogan, the problem with visibility is that, even if you hide for certain view, it will load in the background even though it is not seen, thus taking more time to load. What is your say on it?

  17. Mantel Marketing Avatar

    Amazing tutorial !!!
    what about mega menu tutorial ?

  18. Zulfadli Nasir Avatar

    hogan chua
    please please please help me
    i begging u

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