How To Manage Multiple WordPress Websites With ManageWP

Visit ManageWP:

With managewp you can control and manage multiple websites. Its a great way to do everything from one location

You will also get notified if your website goes down, if you need updates, or if your website is running slow or badly

I have used this service on my best web hosting tutorial, you can take a look at it here to get a preview

Let me know what you think about the managewp plugin and service! i think its a great way on how to manage multiple wordpress websites!

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7 responses to “How To Manage Multiple WordPress Websites With ManageWP”

  1. Refer Friend Avatar

    Managewp is really so good.especially considering the price point. I use it to manage around 10 sites and find it very convenient. Especially the plugin and themes update feature.

  2. Tommy Dropships Ecoms Avatar

    Very helpful Darell I’m a dropshipper myself using Shopify and I’m looking into WordPress currently your channel is a massive help !

  3. Vitalii Redko Avatar

    Useful. Useful. Useful.

  4. Andy Avatar

    I believe GoDaddy purchased ManageWP a couple of years ago so I'm surprised they haven't manged to mess it up 😛
    I use ManageWP on all my sites mainly because of the bulk updates, backups & cloning. Awesome product!
    I would recommend using something better for SEO & security checks. (for example SEMrush & Sucuri)

  5. Angelique Paytience A Mom's Business Avatar

    Good to have a tool like this when you are developing sites for clients. The fact that its a plug in it makes it even more useful. It's also affordable and that is a bonus!

  6. Darrel Wilson Avatar

    Managewp is probably one of the easiest and cheapest ways to manage multiple websites, a must look for users managing multiple websites! Here’s a quick look of the best hosting competition I used with managewp

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