How To Optimize Video Backgrounds For Mobile On WordPress Websites

In this video, ill show you how you can optimize your video bouckrounds for mobile users.
By most video backrounds do not play well on certain android and IOS devices. You will see that your visitors will just get a grey background whenever they visit you website on mobile






6 responses to “How To Optimize Video Backgrounds For Mobile On WordPress Websites”

  1. Benjamin Leavitt Avatar

    How do you optimize the actual videos to place into your Divi video backgrounds?

  2. 79 Avatar

    Well explained video, but it's a lot quicker and easier to use the 'Fallback Image' option. It will save you having to duplicate the section and switching on the hide on tablet and mobile options.

    If you use the fallbback image option instead, you dont have to use hide on tablet and mobile option, so if the mobile device does support the playing of the background video, it will still play instead of using the fallback image (even though hardly any devices do support it!)

  3. Darrel Wilson Avatar

    Let me know if you have any questions below

  4. Nadine El Nour Avatar

    am I missing something? You didn’t actually optimize a video for display on mobile. You simply changed the background and made it display on mobile and tablet instead but disabled it for desktop. But what if you place a self hosted video or GIF as your landing page?

  5. Med France Avatar

    very helpful, please do videos about how design you Them, so i have a Nish and want design my them

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