How to Parse JSON in iOS with Swift 3 Tutorial | Code Hangout EPS 94


People asked, “Duc, when I download data from the Internet with REST API especially, how can I process the returned JSON Data?”

That’s what we’ll talk about in the next 3 episodes of Code Hangout: How to Parse JSON in iOS with Swift.

JSON is a lightweight way to format data. In iOS there’s a process that you need to know to parse JSON. Let’s talk about it in this episode.



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17 responses to “How to Parse JSON in iOS with Swift 3 Tutorial | Code Hangout EPS 94”

  1. shiju varghese Avatar

    Thanks for the tutorial. I have on question, Is this the right way to call API's in model class as you did in this tutorial or any other way to call API's?

  2. Michael Gotiashvili Avatar

    Sorry dude, but this has been killing me for a long time: you voice is killing my ears and your intro speech on every video is very annoying. The content is almost at least average always. Keep on doing what you do! Good Luck!

  3. Anish S Avatar

    How can i use My API link for the same instead of a pre json file in the project ?

  4. SolidCake Avatar

    You are talking way to loud and fast. Slow it down a little. Other than that, great video!

  5. asal rostami Avatar

    Thank you a lot Duc .Your videos are very helpful for me as a mobile developer

  6. vinoth kannan Avatar

    how to set the json in textfield i need help

  7. Usb Ds Avatar

    Great Work!! Thanks Duc! if I'd like to setup searchBar on this tableview, how can I do this?

  8. Sazzad Islam Avatar

    he Duc, Have u heard about cocoapods, swiftyJson ?

  9. mahdi alajwadi Avatar

    hi , thanks for this tutorial , how can use Networkservice function to read json data from url not from local file ?

  10. Zul Hilmi Avatar

    Hi Duc, I just find out that your video is really good and it helps me a lot in learning swift. Just wanna ask, do you know how to do jQuery Effects – Hide and Show. Its like a dropdown menu where we can hide and show our content such as texts, images and buttons.Can you create a tutorial on how to do it if its in your knowledge cos I've been dying to try to look for a tutorial video but still don't find any.Really appreciate if you could help me on this one.Good day!!

  11. Denis Motta Avatar

    Thanks man. You share a great knowledge here. I'm very thankful

  12. Enrique Gonzalez Avatar

    Hi Duc, This tutorial works perfectly! I just implemented the challenge to link to your blog from the book icon on the app and it works too! Thanks for this tutorial and exercise!

  13. Rafael Mursalov Avatar

    Hi Duc Tran,

    Can you please record video like "use segue or storyboard.identifier" and which is better.

    Thank you

  14. mega cool Avatar

    How do i contact you?

  15. Duc Tran Avatar

    Hey everyone, let me know if you like this episode and what you're working on! — Duc

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