How to Parse JSON in iOS with Swift Tutorial Part 1 | Code Hangout ESP 68


People asked, “Duc, when I download data from the Internet with REST API especially, how can I process the returned JSON Data?”

That’s what we’ll talk about in the next 3 episodes of Code Hangout: How to Parse JSON in iOS with Swift.

JSON is a lightweight way to format data. In iOS there’s a process that you need to know to parse JSON. Let’s talk about it in this episode.



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18 responses to “How to Parse JSON in iOS with Swift Tutorial Part 1 | Code Hangout ESP 68”

  1. TechGuy Avatar

    I'm having a lot of difficulty reading this text file


    into swift and converting it into json=


  2. Juhel Ahmed Avatar

    Do not add background music next time please. Its hard to concentrate

  3. ashish goel Avatar

    i am beginner to iPhone can you provide me link of complete tutorials links of your series.

  4. Ростик Чума Avatar

    Really good tutorial, man, thanks!

  5. crazypigs100 Avatar

    u r awesome. Subscribed Well done!!

  6. Francis McLeod Avatar

    Hard to concentrate with the music in the background.

  7. Trading Strategy Indicators Avatar

    Nice work – thank you so much!

  8. Peter lee Avatar

    Thank you! It helped me a lot in understanding JSON!

  9. Jeylani Osman Avatar

    Thanks very nice tut. I do not know why you omitted "self.url" in the init function
    init(title: String, description: String, thumbnailURL: NSURL, createdAt: String, auther: String )
    self.title = title
    self.description = description
    self.thumbnailURL = thumbnailURL
    self.createdAt = createdAt
    self.auther = auther

  10. Fasial alsaadi Avatar

    Thanks duc !
    But i have questions
    Where to upload json file to use it ?

  11. Sachin Raut Avatar

    Hi Duc, great tutorial. You explained JSON format very well.

    However the one thing i would like to bring to your notice is that the music's volume at the beginning & at the end of the video is very high. You should have kept it low so that viewer's can concentrate on what you are speaking.

    Once again thanks for making this great video tutorial..

  12. Jorge Dominguez Avatar

    Great Tutorials man, thank you so much 🙂

  13. bernard rayoso Avatar

    Hi duc, do you have some tutorials for firebase integration on swift? Thanks

  14. Thanh Tran Avatar

    Hi Duc..! I'm new on IOS development and Thank You so much for your greate videos..! It helps me a lot. Could You please make a video about using Sqlite on IOS 9. Thanks again.

  15. All Mac Osx Avatar

    Very good video! I would recommend making the box you are in smaller so we can see more of the code

  16. Yash Bharti Avatar

    hey Duc I have been trying to make an app which scrapes data after a login into a portal any tips on how I can show data from a website by parsing the HTML

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