How To Play a Movie Stream using AVPlayerViewController

This lesson shows how to use the AVPlayerViewController class to play a movie stream in app using Swift 2, Xcode 7 and in iOS 9.

Xcode project, source code and video download:

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Intro & Outro music
“Heartbreaker” by Jahzzar (






16 responses to “How To Play a Movie Stream using AVPlayerViewController”

  1. Brian Patterson Avatar

    How would you go about letting the user download the video?

  2. Vinay Vemuri Avatar

    Hi Chris
    I have added App Transport Settings, but still video is not playing in my simulator.
    Could you please reply ASAP

  3. Wayne Filkins Avatar

    Do you really have to add the avfoundation framework? Doesn't the import avfoundation work anyway? I don't have it in my and it still works… do I have to add the actual framework before I send my app to appstore?

  4. Jorge Cardona Avatar

    I just hate when I follow step by step and just doesn't work like in the videos.
    Its kinda like when you take your car to the mechanic to fix something and it doesn't do it when the mechanic is there, but it does it as soon you leave the shop.

  5. Oren Edrich Avatar

    Thank you so much

  6. Heights Technology Avatar

    app working fine when i published that but after few months after clicking on the button its not played and showing nothing…reply me soon

  7. Heights Technology Avatar

    my app is not showing sound

  8. abdox2 Avatar

    Great tutorial. i have a question please. how i can play a video Url without a extension?

  9. Prashant Ghimire Avatar

    hello chris .. your tuts are great.i have one question.Can you help me to play this video in the same screen.i want to play music not in full screen but in half screen.

  10. Line Ignacio Avatar

    i already allow the arbitrary but my video still can't play

  11. kamran Ahmed Avatar

    Hi Chris, can you help me , I want to embed and play dailymotion videos , I want to embed dailymotion videos in cell of UICollection View and play the video when i tapped the cell, please guide me how can i do this in iOS 9 ,Swift and Xcode 7.2?

  12. antonio ward Avatar

    Hi Chris, thank you very much for taking on this course. but is there a way you can play the video URL from Parse

  13. Tom N Avatar

    I am using Xcode 7.1 and my "info.plist" – "App Transport Security Settings" – does not have "Allow Arbitrary Loads"
    It doesn't exist?? What now?

  14. Robert DeSaeger Avatar

    If you really want to try this, it would be incredible. He has the whole player but I can not get this work .
    A tutorial on how to integrate it into your project would be incredible.
    Thank you again, and I am looking forward to your next post

  15. Robert DeSaeger Avatar

    Hi Chris, thank you very much for taking on this course. I am having incredible problems in getting AVPlayerItemDidPlayToEndTimeNotification

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