How to Put Image In Text In Photoshop | Text Effect Tutorial

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A very simple tutorial showing how you can put image inside text using the clipping mask trick and make it look attractive.

I will show how to make text stand out, and then we will make background look nice and add color effect .

For background i will also show how you can use image as background and make look better.

Thats it for this photo effect tutorial and it is fully focused on beginner so keep that in mind.

So i hope you learn something form this video and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me in comments below, till then good bye, take care and have some fun with photoshop.


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21 responses to “How to Put Image In Text In Photoshop | Text Effect Tutorial”

  1. Sasha Tolstoi Avatar

    уроки пиздатые,но какое же отвратительное произношение слов ,порой невозможно слушать

  2. Ihsan Azmi Avatar

    Thank you very much for this superbly-clear tutorial

  3. yemerican Avatar

    Thanks a lot man. That was great and well done. Very simple and clear instructions and amazing results.

  4. Helene Harmon Avatar

    You rock!!! I am going to try this one now. Hugs.

  5. Fernando Magaia Avatar

    That was amazing! Thank you for your great tutorial

  6. PepSee YT Avatar

    Great man!! It helped me created my profile. Other ones are so tricky, but you highlighted it. Thanks bro
    I hope u have more subs.. Oh btw, +1 subscriber

  7. Laura Penny Avatar

    Can't access the brush download

  8. Tehash Khurram Avatar

    How to downloaded the brushes can you please send me the links

  9. Faizal Akmad Avatar

    I have no suggestion about making design buy i thought why we need to pay not for free download ..

  10. Kifayat ullah Avatar

    Sir i have practice this tutorial but "place" command of file menu is not place jpeg picture. it place only PDF file. Plz sir solve me this problem

  11. Rahil Solanki Avatar

    Can someone tell me how to do mixing of videos ?

  12. Shonella Benn Avatar

    Thanks so much for this video, its been very helpful. You just got a subbie.

  13. Tech Land 75 Avatar

    This is awesome. great video.thanks for upload

  14. redhuan kromas Avatar


  15. Ogoow Somali businesses Avatar

    What software are you using to do the work bro

  16. Lame Clay Avatar

    The brush link is wrong and putting in a Picture wont work sadly

  17. Lame Clay Avatar

    THANKS ALOT!!! Im really new on Photoshop and I needed this! Thanks alot man
    Kepe doing videos like this

  18. ScaniaDronninga Avatar

    What if I have an image with text on but with no background color, but in which I need to put onto another image that has fading colours that I need the text to have!?

  19. idea loading Avatar

    nice video. how i can place the image infrond of the letters

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