How to Record XBox 360 Gameplay in HD – Part 1/2

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47 responses to “How to Record XBox 360 Gameplay in HD – Part 1/2”

  1. Rocco Wadsworth Avatar

    People say record ur TV I'm like hell no that's shit

  2. FaceYourFears Avatar

    It's what I came for

  3. therushingsniper Avatar

    Punch me im blasting your a$$

  4. Randomized Gaming Avatar

    Take a look at the backround

  5. AdrianaLPS and more Avatar

    @#&@*-&&@&@ AGHHH UR POSTERSSS T^T

  6. KOBE KD Avatar

    That ass will fart on him if he still has it.

  7. Russell Kraeplin Avatar

    Lol the bacround perve

  8. CHOPPER Is Here Avatar

    When he said pervert he meant it as a joke Natalie r

  9. Emilia- gaming Avatar

    Even tho I clicked on this video

  10. Good looking gamer Avatar

    Don't look at my shirts you pervert,
    Has pictures of girls ass's in the background.

  11. The king of swag Avatar

    It's ok it's ONLY a couple HUNDRED DOLLARS

  12. Crypto - HACKED Avatar

    What's with all the butts and women rapist?

  13. Swifty Dragon Avatar

    I'm not subbing he's trash

  14. Retard Avatar

    Who else only clicked for the background.

  15. Cherry Playz Avatar


  16. WOLF PACK Avatar

    whoa your a boy scout

  17. Shrek 5 Avatar

    I like how there's half naked girls in the background and he's fine with it

  18. SKOOMA !!!!!! Avatar

    The Haupaugge is literally a capture card

  19. Black Figure Avatar

    nice setup in the back :/

  20. Dabrien Williams Avatar

    So why are you telling me this? I don't even want to….

  21. Dabrien Williams Avatar

    3:57 But I'm not gay!…. ( =:^ (

  22. Sour Kiwi Avatar

    What's up with ye hat

  23. Colby Baker Avatar

    wait do u need the rocket fish or can u use a regular one

  24. Jack_ Aboy Avatar

    Hey uh what if you have a laptop

  25. CorgeGames Avatar

    So cough what about them posters back there buddy

  26. RMFYVideo Avatar

    Ohhhh made in 2010 -.-

  27. Duck the Shreder Avatar

    this is why I only record gamplay on my ps4

  28. Gamingwithpat Avatar

    wow those posters in the background I am not subbing and I think he meant to do that

  29. ThatKidNoOneCaresAbout Avatar

    I love how he just has giant posters of half naked girls but then a tiny little poster on the side for racial equality

  30. jb gaming Avatar

    I saw your shirt scouts for life

  31. scary facee gaming Avatar

    da ass say it with me da ass

  32. Chillyricardo1 & Ricardo Avatar

    Wtf I saw the paintings of some disgusting stuff

  33. KC Bergman Avatar

    You sound like Gronk

  34. frostytaco Avatar

    3:54 like as if the posters and calendar he has on his wall are invisible

  35. JMCninja Avatar

    Will PVR capture audio outside of the TV? Like the person playing the game

  36. ZINTROZ Avatar

    who agrees that 99% of the comments are about that ass in the background

  37. Ali Gyan Avatar

    what this backgroun 0:02

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