How To Reset Your WordPress Website | Reset WordPress Back To Original Settings

Learn how to reset your wordpress website and reset wordpress back to orginal settings. Time to time, you make wordpress mistakes and you want a fresh restart right? This happens to me al the time. So in this wordpress tutorial, ill show you how to reset it. Its pretty simple. You just download a plugin called wordpress reset, than you just type in reset and your all set! For more tutorials like this, visit my website






16 responses to “How To Reset Your WordPress Website | Reset WordPress Back To Original Settings”

  1. Chris Scopp Avatar

    By the way, everyone, if you're running the newest WordPress version 4.8.1 and wondering if it works with the WordPress Reset plugin (because the plugin says "Untested with your version of WordPress") FYI it does work, easy as 1 2 3.

    Thanks Darrel.

  2. Arra Burger Avatar

    Hi Darrel, will the reset remove all plugins ? Or is this theme specific ?

  3. Grosir Kue Kering Avatar

    Wow thank you very much, simple, easy and WORKs

  4. Catch Mercader Avatar

    do you have any recommended plug in for back up?

  5. Joyce Vaughn Avatar

    Being new to WordPress, this was a Godsend. Thank you very much!

  6. zarad zarad Avatar

    will after the reset. I tried to add a new themes and does not work anymore?

  7. Tony Stark Avatar

    can i reset the THEME back to normal without loosing my blogs!!!!!!!

  8. Achia Nila Avatar

    my site is ok. but the problem is I lost my home page 🙁 and now it shown me a blog page instant of home page. Could you please advice me what shall I do now.

  9. Sen Baby Avatar

    I dont have access to reset..just action to delete.. Also i am not able to add anything on plugins as well

  10. awesome movies Avatar

    thanks, friend you help me many times keep doing. #love from India

  11. Hector Alejo Avatar

    Thank you for the very informative video.

  12. Movie sle Avatar

    I followed u but after that while installing a plug in it shows that there is problem in API what should i do to reset in a proper way

  13. Rick Hema Avatar

    Thanks again Darrel,  I just found the theme I've been looking for, shopisle looks great

  14. Moynulamin amin Avatar

    thank you so so much just what i needed

  15. Darrel Wilson Avatar

    thanks for watching guys! let me know if you have any questions!

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