How To Setup “All In One SEO Pack” Plugin For WordPress 2017

Welcome! In this video i will show you how to configure your website with the FREE all in one seo pack wordpress plugin!

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In this wordpress video, I will show you how to setup and configure then all in one seo pack plugin for wordpress. I will also show you how to can connect your website with google search console and bing and other various SEO techniques for your wordpress website. The all in one seo plugin was created by seimper fe.

1st – we will go through the general options of the plugin, there are some features that you may not need to setup

2nd- we will go through the other options such as XML sitemap, robots txt and other options that come with the plugin.

3rd- We will also verify your website with the google search console bing and optimize your pages for the search engines

Below is the file if you would like to add this for your robots.txt file

Robots Txt file recommendation

User-agent: *
Disallow: /wp-admin/
Allow: /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php
Disallow: /wp-includes/

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14 responses to “How To Setup “All In One SEO Pack” Plugin For WordPress 2017”

  1. Darrel Wilson Avatar

    Thanks For Watching! Let me know how this plugin works for your website 🙂 And Push The Thumbs up!

  2. Emmanuel Lumumba Avatar

    BIG THUMBS UP!!!! Thank you! this is really helpful!!!!

  3. Jeff Turner Avatar

    Great video. My question has little or nothing to do with this subject matter of this video. Do you have a video that explains setting up pay systems (i.e., paypal etc)? I'm looking for the most inexpensive and safest way to process payments.

  4. Matej Stanovský Avatar

    Great video. Very helpful. You have great speaking voice. Good job!

  5. Kamran Afzaal Avatar

    Thanks to you. I have made complete website with this tutorial.Just a question how to resize the message box in contact me page to show multiple lines.

  6. BlackDeath12345 Avatar

    I think remember asking u this a while back. Thx. Checkout squirrley seo.

  7. Chris McCormick Avatar

    Thank you for continuing to produce these videos, Darrel. Learn invaluable information each time!

  8. joseph loftus Avatar

    Hi Darrel. when I click to view my XML Sitemap it apperars all in a text format . Is there is something I should of done as it should show the Urls like yours . cheers.

  9. Zarin shaikh Avatar

    Appreciate Mr.Darrel

  10. harroldfamily1 Avatar

    I can't seem to verify. I did exactly what you did. Am I missing a step?

  11. samir kakde Avatar

    Yoast or all in one seo?

  12. Barrie Simpson Avatar

    Hello Darrel, did you mean to say export settings instead of import?

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