How To Start a Business – 2018 – Step by Step

Learn how to start a REAL business step by step with no step skipped.

My friends wants to quit her job and start her own business. So I show how to research competition, create a website, and advertise to get clients. All step by step with no step skipped.

Here are the templates to the website:






25 responses to “How To Start a Business – 2018 – Step by Step”

  1. Danny Phantom Avatar

    Thanks Tyler love the video, I'm in the process of building my business and this video really helped me out, I was willing to spend alot of money but thanks to this video I realize I can do most of the work myself without any extra cost. Thanks again really inspiring

  2. Leo the lion Avatar

    Angelic will do well, so many trainers are intimidating, arrogant and self obsessed, ignoring the everyday person who just wants to get back to exercising or as part of their self care plan.

  3. ricardoespaniol Avatar

    This video has really motivated me in my business. We do house removals in the UK, and we have been through all the hoops you illustrated in your video.

    How reassuring it is to watch your experiences, and finally you found something that actually works.

  4. My Evolution Now Avatar

    First: Really good video. However, I have a few suggestions:

    1. The budget should be right at the beggining. We can only know if a project is viable after the math, not after start.
    2. Spend money on flyers? Come on… Social media is way cheaper, we can reach a lot more people, more segmented and you can make all the adjustements "pronto".
    3. Facebook ads is good, but exercise and fitness is a very visual area. Why not also Instagram? She's good looking, represents what she sells and already has a video and quality photos, so that would be a good use of the money spent and material.
    4. I would also reccomend the definition of the audience in the beggining: to whom are you promoting? Senior people? Young people? Functional exercise, hipertrophy, etc, etc.

    I'd love another video like this!

    Keep up the good work!
    P.S: I've built my website a lot faster with "your help"!

  5. Leo the lion Avatar

    Tayler good to see you!!!

  6. souvik Chakraborty Avatar

    Sir everything is fine but like I have said earlier, Contact form does not work until SMTP is there. By the way Thank You so much Sir. I have learnt so many things about website designing from you..

  7. DreamAngel123 PFW Avatar

    The video add on to Angelica’s website came out awesome.

  8. Johannes Dog Avatar

    Just a warning for you Tyler you can see the creditcard number at 1:45:21. Maybe you should edit it.

  9. Travelbird Avatar

    You love starting businesses and I love you.

  10. YOTOR Avatar

    tyler my legend tnx

  11. Aldo Zini Avatar

    I have a question, in your case you selected a very narrow area as Manhattan Beach, what if I want to sell cycling tours in Italy for example and target people from England…. how would you approach it? I don't exactly know where the typical cycling customers are located in England

  12. Aldo Zini Avatar

    amazing! as a cycling coach myself that wants to advertise and increase business this is excellent to say the least, advice!

  13. madison55 Avatar

    Famous personal trainer trying to derail her. What a jerk. His success went to is inflated ego.

  14. Mylri Irlym Avatar

    Thank Tyler for this excellent Video. It is of high quality because it is not just about making a wordpress website.
    CHALLENGE: Can you make a video about an Ecommerce website with integration to other management software/Apps to manage the processing of orders, stock control, finance, reports, …etc

  15. Omar Waleed Avatar

    and Thanks

  16. Jam Avatar

    I hate this hosting i prefer the other one you used to use, bluehost i think it was

  17. Envia Xpress Avatar

    I just can say thank you Tyler

  18. Saed Ismail HM Avatar

    this video is amazing!

  19. Miloš Pistolić Avatar

    Yaaaay, new Tyler video!!! 😀

  20. Jabran Shakil Avatar

    Thanks Mr. Moore, appreciate the videos you put out to help everyday folks!

  21. BrittanyHong TeachingChinese Avatar

    thanks!~( ̄▽ ̄~)~

  22. JON Gergeceff Avatar

    Thank you Tyler ! You’re the best!

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