How To Start A PROFITABLE Blog 2017: 😀 $25,000.00 on WordPress 😍

Learn how to start a successful blog on wordpress and make money online! Up to $25K or more! 💲💲💲




1:30 Blog Preview
4:58 AdSense Earnings
8:43 3 Things We Need
9:57 Domain & hosting
18:09 Installing WordPress
22:11 Logging into our blog
23:08 Deleting sample content
24:47 WordPress dashboard tour
27:28 Fundamental Settings
29:30 Installing the Pow Theme
34:02 Adding our Logo, Site Icon, Background
46:44 Categories
50:13 Blog Posts
1:13:52 Blog Comments
1:15:22 Sidebar
1:20:50 About Us page
1:24:22 Contact Us page
1:29:55 Lead page
1:40:38 Newsletter optin form
1:54:37 Sidebar Newletter optin form
1:56:06 Social Sharing
2:02:38 Custom menu
2:05:56 Gravatar
2:11:04 SEO & Traffic
2:27:07 Monetizing with AdSense


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# Download the assets I used in the video so you can follow along with me:

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Plugins used in the video:
# Contact Form 7
# MailChimp for WordPress
# Simple Share Buttons Adder
# Top 25 Social Icons
# Yoast SEO

Friendly note: Some of the companies I mention credit me for recommending them, but I only recommend products/services I trust and have used myself.

AdSense guidelines:

In this video you will learn how to start blogging step by step for beginners, so it doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner or you have no experience, I will show you how to get setup from start to finish. We will also look at how to get paid using adsense, probably the simplest and easiest way to make money online from your blog.

Learning how to create a blog is key to setting up a successful and profitable business online in 2017.
You may think that starting a blog yourself is a tough job but once you get to grips with the basics you will see that the process is pretty straight forward.

Blog creation is actually a breeze as we are going to be using WordPress to do this. You can literally make a blog in just a short few minutes with the popular one-click installs that are now the norm with many web hosts.

WordPress is free open source software that powers around 25% of the websites and blogs online and is used by huge organisations and celebrities including CNN, Forbes, Jay Z, Katy Perry and More!
WordPress is so simple and easy to use, and the best part of it is there are hundreds of free themes and plugins we can install which allows us to add extra functions and layout to our blog in minutes, without the need to pay a developer to do this for us.

If you always wanted to build a blog wordpress is a great platform for this and we are going to be using it in the video.

Another great thing is it has a WYSIWYG editor, which means you don’t need to write a single line of code. We can quickly and easily add content to our blog in just the same way as you would in a text editor software like Microsoft word.

We will setup our blog in 2 stages during the video. In the first part of the video we will grab our domain name and web hosting. The domain name is simply your blog name, and the web hosting is where we will store our blog so it can be seen online.
Once we have our domain and hosting, it’s time to install our blog on wordpress. This is quick and easy and takes less than 60 seconds within our hostgator cpanel.
In the next stage of the video we will get our blog setup with some blog posts and other essential features to make it stand out and offer value to our visitors.
In the final stage of the video once you build your blog I show you how to make money from your blog and get paid automatically each month from the ads we display in the sidebar of our blog.

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In the video I teach you how to build a blog on wordpress in minutes and get paid with AdSense! If you always wondered how to start a blog and make money then you are going to love this video!

So what are you waiting for? Follow me in the video and start your own blog today!






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  1. Divya Shah Avatar

    Hey I need help. I installed the WordPress in my site but it's not working

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    I don't see any strong arument for not just using a free wordpress website and then upgrading when u start turning a profit. Why shouldn't I ?

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    This is great so helpful!. I've been trying to instal the mail chimp plug in and the simple share button but the instal button is not highlighted. What can I do to resolve this issue?. All has been fine up to this point. many thanks 🙂

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    Great video, thank you!

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    Hello, great video. First I was wondering if I could post your video on my blog at some point to share how I learned to get it up and going. Second, I was wondering how to get photos on my blog that i do not own. do i do some sort of photo credit? Thank you.

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    Big headache now… after all the setting up, WordPress says I don't have a site yet. Neither can I see any of my posts appearing on wp-reader. Any advice?

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    SEO section of video. There is no "XML Site maps" option or tab on my yoast SEO plugin. there is only Dashboard search console and go premium. Please advise.

  9. Prabakaran Palaniandy Avatar

    Great video, easy understanding,good language, keep it up.
    I have passion for blogs , websites and i started in 2009 and ended up not doing nothing because there was no motivation and direction. Now i found you motivating- and I will do It

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    DUDE! This is awesome!

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    Very nice and informative, Great .

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    Your videos are very informative. I am new at this. Where do you find your asset file items?  Can I ethically download random image files and script of the internet for blog use?

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