How To Start A Profitable Blog Step By Step For Beginners

Learn how to start a blog step by step with WordPress.

This step by step WordPress blog tutorial will explain the difference between a blog and a website and will show you how to create a blog properly so you can ultimately create a blog business and get paid for your passions! Learn how to start a blog and make money through your ideas.. passions.. services!






47 responses to “How To Start A Profitable Blog Step By Step For Beginners”

  1. Peter Agnew Avatar

    An excellent presentation from James Stafford and an English sounding guy named Theo. However, there is a small caveat. I'm not sure why there is a change of presenter half way through the video. It would be nice if they explained the reason why! Having said all that the video is incredibly well explained and leaving you far more knowledgeable and confident in how to build a blog.

  2. Pauline Webb Avatar

    I've written a book (Sin . Sex and Psychology, The Catholic church on the couch.) I've read books on marketing I've watched you tube sessions, but being eighty I felt I lacked the know how to do any of the things they keep telling you to do. Your video is unbelievable, marvellous, just the ticket, I'm exhilirated at finding something so straightforward and easy to understand. I am rushing over to the website, thanks a million. Pauline

  3. Mogul Minds Avatar

    What if I already have a website with a blog page within? Is that pretty much the same since my website allows pretty much the same plug ins?

  4. PL Ly Avatar

    So I've got a blog and wonder if you all wanna check it out! I'm a real beginner here 🙂 thx for such an informative video this helped me through building my blog and it's been 2 weeks now :'D

  5. Lizayra Avatar

    RIP headphone users in the first second

  6. Internet Marketing Gym Avatar

    SO TRUE, If you can operate a MOUSE then you can start a website in minutes

  7. Izayoi Higurashi Avatar

    tell me! How to use blogger without my google+ profile?

  8. Irina Kincherova Avatar

    Thanks a lot, guys! After such clear instructions, I'm not afraid to dive into blogging anymore! Thank you very much!

  9. Mahender Singh Avatar

    Thanx a lot for this detailed and easy description. Cheers

  10. Elias Haidar Avatar

    so whats the diffrence between blog and facebook

  11. Rurh Molina Avatar

    Thank you, both for a concise and meaning Blog set up tutorial

  12. Ratan Jaiswal Avatar

    thanks for this video (Y) 🙂

  13. Jada Williams Avatar

    ok Mr. Britt put me to sleep

  14. Hector sanchez Avatar

    do I need a website to get a domain?

  15. Pamela Morford Avatar

    This was awesome and very informative. Thank you for your video!

  16. Faith Toshi Avatar

    Thanks for sharing. Im still trying to figure out what i can first blog about that will create traffic and that i can also enjoy. Hopefully i figure all this out soon as I want to start doing this soon.

  17. Chanderprakash kaul Avatar

    Incredible Top 1st video On you tube. Thanks! Please upload some more WordPress videos like this.

  18. Kallmann Choong Avatar

    Hi James, do you recommend beginner bloggers to subscribe to the site back up and other security purpose subscription? Thank you.

  19. Padbok Thaicuisine Avatar

    thanks for the great content.

  20. Vere Myrie Avatar

    informative video, thanks for the help

  21. Queen Ismond Avatar

    Hi, I just wanted to say i find your video very helpful and very easy to follow and, your voices is so comforting and it puts your mind at ease thank you so much…. I now feel like I'm ready to do this.

  22. Ismael Tirado-Rodriguez Avatar

    Question James… What are the advantages / disadvantages of using Gator Host vs GoDaddy?!?

  23. Charles Maier Avatar

    If you have a chance to learn from this program, I'd rather say you from every other thing and give it your full attention because the results are guaranteed [ ]. Within few weeks you will become like one of the giants in online marketing.

  24. Steven Wilz Avatar

    Can you use your website domain name for your website as well as the blog site?

  25. Mohit Arora Avatar

    thank you very much for giving such an important information. its really helpful.

  26. Bert Macalino Avatar

    interesting and very informative. Great work!

  27. Lydia Lakemoore Avatar

    This is not simple :/ I'm now half way through and completely stuck and can't get through to the tech team 🙁

  28. Kristen Poborsky Avatar

    James, I love your videos…thanks so much for making this so simple a beginner can do it and for inspiring me!

  29. Liz Klomp Avatar

    My Hatchling plan is different and doesn't offer the same things?

  30. Liz Klomp Avatar

    Im still a little confused with the setup of the Plugins and how to do it.

  31. Bishwa K C Avatar

    is it possible we can create our domain name free of cost.? What impact does it get to our blog when it is created for free???

  32. Thomasina Murphy Avatar

    Thanks your video was great ! learned a lot just by watching your video, Awesome!

  33. Vic Esquivel Avatar

    I'm fortunate to have stumbled into your blog. I'm hoping to create a blog soon and I know for sure I will be visiting you! Thanks for a thorough and simple tutorial.

  34. Khaabba Avatar

    Super presentation!!!

  35. Brian Wright Avatar

    having so many problems with hostgator. I really hope this hosting website is worth the investment

  36. Luke I Avatar

    Very clear! Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  37. Imran Siddiqui Avatar

    hi sir, can you please tell which software or app you use to slideshow & record voice … like this video…
    please reply must..

  38. Kary A Avatar

    Omg what an awesome informational video! Two thumbs up! Thank you so much !!

  39. siri tummala Avatar

    your video is very informative..thank you!

  40. Theresa Horne Avatar

    I already have a website wholesale/retail sales business, can I use my domain name with GoDaddy that I already have my website with, or do I need to have a separate domain name for a new blog for my business?

  41. Eva Jane Avatar

    Thank you so very much! I have finally found the answers to my prayers. I was watching another video and this video came on, randomly!!! I will sign up and complete everything this weekend. I am very excited to have fun with my upcoming blog.

  42. Ulaganathan Santhosh Avatar

    a great video ..learnt a lot …thx

  43. Sherley Pierre Avatar

    I thought a blog was a business

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