How To Use Facebook Ads For Beginners 2017 | Complete Facebook Ads Tutorial

Learn how to create and manage your facebook ads! This is a complete tutorial on how to use facebook advertising for your website and master facebook ads. This is a great tutorial for beginners as i show you each step on what you need to do in order to get more people to your website and fanpage.

1. We will create your facebook fanpage and set up some features in facebook page

2. I will show you how to start boosting your facebook posts and create really cool facebook ads. In addition, ill teach you some really cool tricks on how to get more likes and post engagement. social media marketing

3. I will show you how to start bringing traffic to your website using facebook ads. In addition, i will show you how to set up your pixel conversions and where you can get it!

4. Lastly, I introduce you to facebook conversions and how to start making more sales for your facebook page!


Set up your facebook pixels to track conversions:

Get Nice Facebook Covers:

Facebook Marketing Tips:

FREE Facebook covers:

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33 responses to “How To Use Facebook Ads For Beginners 2017 | Complete Facebook Ads Tutorial”

  1. aPomInAustralia Avatar

    Hi Darrel, great video. At one point you mention that you had to pause your boost because you were getting too many likes. Can you have too many likes on a post or on a page?

  2. heather hindenberger Avatar

    hey I just want too say u do an awesome job. an its been very helpful. I have one question I cant get around. so what would be the best route on edit url? I know I create a fan page should I create a web page for what Im promoting also? its not my product its other peoples product. so maybe a landing page if better? I'm just kinda stuck at that point before I can confidently move forward. if you could shed some light on that id really appreciate it.

  3. Axle Gallardo Avatar

    Best tutorial on about facebook. Not even close. Anyways, does Shopify have Pixel creator?

  4. fasi khan Avatar

    how many pages we can create in one Facebook account

  5. T.James Dean Avatar

    Mandarin is ONE dialect OF China. Had you of set it to simply Mandarin. You actually would have LOST people. It says ALL so it is showing it to ALL the dialects of China. There are ALOT. Mandarin is the one mainly spoken in the central part of China.

  6. Lorraine Grinage Avatar

    Hi Darrel! First off, Absolutely AWESOME content! I am somewhat familiar with FB ads and I have learned so much more watching this vid! but I was curious if Pixel conversion is necessary if you are not selling anything? My site falls under the real estate category and I need to track conversion of visitors to leads – those who visit and fill out my web form. I am not charging for my service but I do want to track what traffic is coming to my site through FB vs other marketing.. do you feel pixel conversion is just as important under these circumstances? Thanks so much!

  7. Nathan Resick Avatar

    Holy crap. That tip about getting page likes in third world countries is amazing. I can't believe how fast that worked

  8. Memory Vũ Avatar

    I have a problem with Facebook ADs. When I create The first Campain, My advertising Account is reported from Facebook Team that it have sudden actions on my account so They block my account. Can you help me to know Why I get tha problem. I add about 10 visa debit. All of them get the same problem. Help me, please

  9. Cricket News Avatar

    You make this video in this software

  10. Night Terror Squad Avatar

    Dose this work with affiliate marketing ??

  11. Ian Agard Avatar

    Thank you Darrell. This is the best Facebook/online marketing information on YouTube. Dude, you rock! I just hit subscribe.

  12. Lakmal Gunawardana Avatar

    Thank you for sharing knowledge.

  13. Ofosu Adjei Ben Avatar

    your video is soo far the best out of 500 videos i have watched

  14. MARC  International Avatar

    Wonderful Tutorial! straight to point and no bla blas….. Thank you a lot.

  15. Janet Forest Avatar

    on the fan page can you have more than one on the same fan page, like i added American Sign Language and Arthritis is the ok


    Darrel, well done .. I have search high and low your tutorial is fantastic…..keep it up

  17. MuslimShoutOut TV Avatar

    omg daryl I did the 1 dollar thing on few posts this morning. I am only 12 hours in and my posts are like 1K, 600 and 800 :O

  18. Abdulla Sharaf Avatar

    my Ads are not delivering I listed thru instagram. but Facebook ads manager is presenting an error message: "This advert can't be previewed on mobile because it's desktop-only" also, no impressions or views changed all 0.

    I am trying to promote an existing picture that I promoted from before, I want to use the old one and not create a new one because it has my customer feedback in the comment section. I will be greatful if someone would chime in as Facebook support.. support what support?!

  19. Janet Forest Avatar

    do i use my existing facebook?

  20. Jean Louis-jacques Avatar

    like you already. straight to the point!

  21. Anthony LaVacca Avatar

    This was an AMAZING video and so much information
    Please contact me 630 848 2010,
    Ask for Dr LaVacca as i would like to talk to you more and have you consult with my in office marketing team

  22. Limo Mia GT Avatar

    liked sub and comment it tnx for help

  23. La Boutique Maurice Avatar

    great video, thanks for this! 🙂

  24. STVN9111 Avatar

    You just earned a Sub <3

    This is one of the first times that i actually stay throughout a whole 1 hour video.

  25. for41 Avatar

    thank you mate for your video and the insight! it helped me a lot. thumpsup

  26. Angels Twenty Fine Art Avatar

    Hi Darrel, awesome tute thanks so much! I have a post (Which is a portfilio of images promoting a book) that has received around 600 engagements and I like your idea of remarketing a post and turning it into an advertisement of sorts. Can I take that post and then run it as an Advertisement and add the Book cover to the list of images plus add a Shop Now Button and link it through to my website store? If so will it show all the engagement from the post previously?

  27. Josi Avatar

    I was to test to make an ad to untargeted countries like you and FB disabled my ad account, now I saw many people saying they spend about 4 weeks to give a feedback. I am basically in panic. I can fuck wait 4 weeks.

    Does anyone know what o do when your fb ad account is disabled or alternative place o ad?

  28. Leslie Byrne Avatar

    Hi Darrel what a wonderful informative tutorial with a nice touch of humour. Would love to contact you about a new project. Ireland calling for your expertise!!!!

  29. Parthasarthi Ghosh Avatar

    Want to have something on LinkedIn Ads…Everyone will be benefited….Thanks for your quality videos

  30. Leigh Santander Avatar

    Thank youu ! Big help

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