How To Use Firebase (Swift, Xcode) – Ep 2 – Saving and Retrieving Data Quickstart

How To Use Firebase with Swift and Xcode
Lesson 2
In this lesson, we do a quick demonstration of saving/retrieving data and talk about non relational databases.

In this series, I’ll show you guys how to leverage Firebase in your Xcode projects and apps to save data and retrieve data through the Firebase API.

Firebase is a backend as a service that gives your app database abilities without having to manage your own. The free tier is very generous and sufficient for most apps.

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31 responses to “How To Use Firebase (Swift, Xcode) – Ep 2 – Saving and Retrieving Data Quickstart”

  1. Sergio Guerrera Avatar

    chris… this was prob the worst tutorial EVER!!!! thanks for demoing something we could copy and paste from the firebase site itself… episode 3 never came…. which means you still have no idea how firebase works!?

  2. alchurricane Avatar

    Ive just felt so happy to find a channel with such a good explanation and I was going to watch 50 more lessons when I found out that you don't have more videos about building apps. Come on Chris, we need your help over here!

  3. gothgrl 666 Avatar

    okay guys i literally quit programming after this i havent even started the code for this app and i cant install this fcking firebase shit honestly fck this fck programming fck you and fck me okay bye

  4. Jessica Clark Avatar

    We miss you Chris!! Hope all is well!

  5. Fernanda dos Reis Avatar

    Hi Chris, I have a cocoa touch static library and want him to receive remote notification.
    (It works like this: it's an app inside the other)

    it's possible?

  6. Jacob West Avatar

    Where did you go!?

  7. luis venegas Avatar

    Hi Chris, I'm getting hard time solving a problem…, when I try to get the xcworkspace file (after pod install) it shows me the following error:

    Setting up CocoaPods master repo
    [!] Unable to add a source with url `` named `master`.
    You can try adding it manually in `~/.cocoapods/repos` or via `pod repo add`.

    Then I tried getting into the '~/.cocoapods/repos/' file and put the command 'git clone master', but the the following error appears>

    Cloning into 'master'…
    remote: Counting objects: 756636, done.
    remote: Compressing objects: 100% (10/10), done.
    error: RPC failed; curl 56 SSLRead() return error -980664 MiB/s
    fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
    fatal: early EOF
    fatal: index-pack failed

    Now I can't find any help in the web…, maybe you or any good coder can help me….

  8. Joseph Arneson Avatar

    hi Chris,
    will you give a lesson on how to prepare for submission and submit to the app store?

  9. Terrance Collins Avatar

    firebase has changed from when he made this video 🙁 everything he's doing doesn't quite match up

  10. Mohamed K Avatar

    I get an error ; cannot call value of non-function type ' module <Firebase>' how do i fix this?

  11. Amir Khan Avatar

    Hi Chris, Your videos so informative and i learned a lot Thank You, i'm a beginner Can i take a personal class with you? I want to learn full fledge

  12. Public Post Avatar

    Hello Chris, Can you please do tutorial on how to make a music radio station app ? I want to make an app that allows user to listen to radio station online.

    Thank you

  13. Ali Hayder Avatar

    You are a great mentor. I understand clearly all your talks. You are the best tuts guy for me. Now! pease upload episode 3 🙂

  14. Dylan Winn-Brown Avatar

    Hey Chris,

    Great videos. I'm currently trying to add private messaging to my app that uses Firebase…any pointers or tutorials would be great!


  15. Iqram M Avatar

    It has been a great experience learning iOS app development watching your videos Chris. I really appreciate and thank you for your effort in teaching me how to build an iOS app with such simplicity.

  16. Anthony Warner Avatar

    me waiting for episode 3: ┬─┬ノ( º _ ºノ)

  17. Alex Salgado Avatar

    I'm receive a message "No such module Firebase" on import Firebse line

  18. Danial Kosarifa Avatar

    Can some one pls help me 🙂
    1.How to know if there is any object in firebase database ? to know if a specific child exist at all ? to get the value for a specific data without looping around inside the database ?
    Thx in advance

  19. 112233jjooee Avatar

    I was getting kind of bored of these videos (nothing wrong with them, its just my personality), then i remembered the option to speed them up 2x and now im back at it!

  20. utubefun4me Avatar

    I hope things have settled down with your non-Firebase projects. Looking forward to your next Firebase Tutorials!

  21. michel garlandat Avatar

    Everything looks to be fine but input Firebase doesn't find the module

  22. KawaiiFX Avatar

    Can you do a push notifications fire base tutorials? That would really help. Thanks in advance.

  23. Christian Slijngard Avatar

    Thank you Chris for your guides! I already established a connection to my Firebase, and I can read and write data, also thanks to you. I was wondering on how to keep a session active in my project. For example: I get a "success" response from my Firebase, but then I navigate to a different page with another ViewController. Is my session still active? How do I check its status? – stuff like that. Anyways, I'm looking forward to your future guides.

  24. DubbelA Djaoen Avatar

    Where can I contact you for business purposes Chris

  25. Mazza S Avatar

    Im use to Core Data, setting a out model, defining relationships etc. Seems like with Firebase you will need to keep track of all this yourself. So a complex schema just got way more complex. Looking forward to seeing if the next videos help – as even after reading the docs I'm still non the wiser.

  26. Josh Lopez Avatar

    I tried to switch to firebase last week and couldnt wrap my head around how the database structure worked. I am used to mysql and parse too. I also found out that firebase doesnt use files. I read that people have to use a cdn for files instead but dont know what to use.

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