How to Use Global Features – Divi Elegant Themes – Save Time!


Learn how to use the Divi Global Feature for the Divi theme to save time when developing and updating your WordPress website.

If you have sections on your WordPress site that appear on several different pages, you can use the Global Feature to make it easier to edit that content. If you have the same section in dozens of places, by making that section Global, you only have to make changes once instead of making the same change over and over again in dozens of places.

The Divi theme is a premium theme from Elegant Themes.

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Watch my comprehensive Divi theme WordPress tutorial:






7 responses to “How to Use Global Features – Divi Elegant Themes – Save Time!”

  1. nisanka007 Avatar

    JJ is the best. Thanks for your video

  2. Bart Mantel Avatar

    Hi Josh, are all the tutorials you made before gone chance with the coming of the new update off divi 3.0? Or does the basic staps of making a site still be the same and can i stil use your tutorials as a base for making a website? Greetings from Bart

  3. Albert Supheert Avatar

    Hi Josh. I have watched several video's from you about using the Divi theme. All great. But now I have a small problem I cannot solve and maybe you can help me. I have an empty row on my page and I want to delete this row by clicking the cross. But no result. I cannot delete this empty row. Do you have a solution for this problem? Thanks in advance.
    Albert Supheert

  4. Mario Peter Avatar

    Another awesome tutorial Josh, Thanks for sharing

  5. Ryan Boomer Bickerstaff Avatar

    your a gentlemen and a scholar

  6. Ryan Boomer Bickerstaff Avatar

    I have always wanted to know how to use global features, especially with divi elegants themes. Im glad I now have a resource. Thank you so much

  7. Brazilian Chubby Avatar

    Amazing tutorial!
    I never miss any of your videos. Thank you for sharing your skills and knowledge with us.

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