How To Use Parse (Swift, Xcode) – Ep 13 – Parse Relational Data and Objects

How To Use Parse with Swift and Xcode
Lesson 13
In this lesson, we look at relationships between objects or classes in our Parse backend. How do you specify that a piece of data links to another piece of data?

In this series, I’ll show you guys how to leverage Parse in your Xcode projects and apps to save data and media (such as images and sounds) and then to retrieve them through the Parse API.

Parse is a backend as a service that gives your app database abilities without having to manage your own. The free tier is very generous and sufficient for most apps.

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19 responses to “How To Use Parse (Swift, Xcode) – Ep 13 – Parse Relational Data and Objects”

  1. Anthony Warner Avatar

    Hi Chris, question: can there be a pointer that doesn't point to a user's objectId? Say, I want to retrieve all the items sold at Store A. I want a query that says, when I press Store A, I get all those objects with a Store A value. This sounds easy, but it's giving me a lot of trouble. Thanks.

  2. Andrew Hart Avatar

    Chris, I really like your tutorials, perfect length, to the point, informative. I'd encourage you to keep publishing more in the Parse series even though Parse has announced it is closing. Parse have announced that they will be making the product open source, many people are bound to install it on Amazon EC2 or Heroku and continue using it. I alsoI can't believe that with so many users out there and so many apps dependent on parse that someone won't pick it up for further development. So Im sticking with Parse, ….. now I just need someone to teach me 🙂

  3. George Poulos Avatar

    I'm really bummed about the Parse shut down. I have a live app fully relying on it

  4. Johan Lindberg Avatar

    Which alternative to Parse is better?
    AWS Mobile Hub:
    or Firebase?

  5. Mr Cartier Avatar

    Chris thanks for your all your efforts. It's too bad Parse won't be around in the future. As far as alternatives go who knows? I suppose the best choice is to setup your own server but people would have never created a Parse account if they wanted to do that in the first place…

  6. Flemming Ovesen Avatar

    Hi Chris 🙂 Now where Parse is shutting down, do you have a alternative to Parse ?

  7. Mazza S Avatar

    Core data and ensembles works well. Parse was the biggest fish by far. Very surprised its is no more.

  8. ohcrazydiamond Avatar

    Omg Chris, all your tutorials that you made using Parse! And now is shutting down the service! I still can't believe it!

  9. John Harding Avatar

    Well, I have to say that I have enjoyed using parse for a little over a year now. Hard to believe that Facebook decided it was no longer going to keep parse functioning… It's probably for better though- they provided a set of tools to host that data on your own server, which means as much storage and bandwidth as you can handle. Maybe you can continue the series by making an episode on migration and creating your own server with the tools they provided Chris.

  10. Shih-Wei Liu Avatar

    Is Cloudkit a good replacement for parse?

  11. Daniel Avatar

    What a shame. All the best Chris!

  12. David W Avatar

    Wow! How unfortunate. What a waste of time you've spent Chris. Facebook is shutting down Parse next year. Should have chosen Firebase…. it has far more potential…

  13. Cristian Diaz Avatar

    …and this is how they just shot down a great series of tutorials:
    …Chris are you going to move on to Firebase?

  14. Muhammed Comen Avatar

    Chris you are great. Thank you. Are you going to cover PFQueryTableView?

  15. George Avatar

    Next time can you talk more in the mic. Somehow it seems low.

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