How To Use Parse (Swift, Xcode) – Ep 3 – Save Data to Parse

How To Use Parse with Swift and Xcode
Lesson 3
In this lesson, we’ll save some data from our Xcode project to the Parse backend.

In this series, I’ll show you guys how to leverage Parse in your Xcode projects and apps to save data and media (such as images and sounds) and then to retrieve them through the Parse API.

Parse is a backend as a service that gives your app database abilities without having to manage your own. The free tier is very generous and sufficient for most apps.

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5 responses to “How To Use Parse (Swift, Xcode) – Ep 3 – Save Data to Parse”

  1. Arthur Salgado Avatar

    how about that error: Code=119 "This user is not allowed to access non-existent class"
    I google that but didn't help… I already create the Class on my Dashboard. When I run the code says that save de object but when I refresh the page shows nothing.

  2. Danial Kosarifa Avatar

    Hi Chris I had a question and that is how can I insert a value into my table while its type is Int or double or …
    Tnx 😉

  3. Lasse Vad Avatar

    Hi Chris, i really appreciate these tutorials. I just had a problem while making my PFObject. When i refresh Parse, it shows the project with the properties, but when i store data into them, a column doesn't get made in Parse.

  4. Piaget Moss Avatar

    Thank you, Chris! Can you cover how to pass Parse data to a new view controller (i.e. a detail view controller)? Many of the previous PFQueryTableViewController tutorials have demonstrated how to pass only an image found in the PFQueryTableViewController cells to the detail view controller. I would like to know how to pass other types of information along such that the image, title, description etc… will appear in a new view controller corresponding to the cell tapped.

  5. Orin Arsenal Avatar

    Hi Chris ,can u tell me how I can display a text View when I press a button ? U can send me a link or link me to a video thx

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