How To Use Parse (Swift, Xcode) – Ep 8 – Saving Images, sounds and file data to Parse

How To Use Parse with Swift and Xcode
Lesson 8
In this lesson, we learn how to store images, sound files and other data types in the Parse backend. We also learn how to retrieve these files.

In this series, I’ll show you guys how to leverage Parse in your Xcode projects and apps to save data and media (such as images and sounds) and then to retrieve them through the Parse API.

Parse is a backend as a service that gives your app database abilities without having to manage your own. The free tier is very generous and sufficient for most apps.

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7 responses to “How To Use Parse (Swift, Xcode) – Ep 8 – Saving Images, sounds and file data to Parse”

  1. Emre Erol Avatar

    Hi i am getting an error if i upload jpg file with these codes. How can i handle it ?

  2. فاء بن ألف' Avatar

    I want to know how to save my game so I can keep it cuz I don't have Development account and I need my project(FlappyF9ool)

  3. Tareq Ali Avatar

    How to assign it to UIImageView?!

  4. NestaGFX Avatar

    How to assign it to UIImageView?!

  5. Tom Jansen Avatar

    Thanks Chris! Your tutorials are really helpfull and pretty straight forward! I will keep watching your tuts! Subbed 🙂

  6. Niall Kehoe Avatar

    I got this breakpoint: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value Any ideas ?

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