How To Use Stripe Payment Gateway | Woocommerce Stripe Setup 2017

In This Stripe Tutorial, I show you how to use the stripe payment gateway and show the woocommerce strip setup process. The free plugin is available on wordpress. The Process is pretty simple. The stripe plugin automatically sends payments from your stripe account to your bank account. Feel free to try stripe payment gateway on your wordpress website for free!

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31 responses to “How To Use Stripe Payment Gateway | Woocommerce Stripe Setup 2017”

  1. Darrel Wilson Avatar

    Thanks For Watching! Let me know if you have any questions! Its super easy to take payments for FREE!!!! Push the THUMBS UP!!

  2. Vinay Singh Avatar

    I am WordPress + Woocommerce Developer
    skype: Vinaysingh43

  3. Sally Eid Avatar

    Thanks it is helpful, i just need to know how i can add Book Now to my travel website?


    I do i integrate stripe into my non wordpress website since this tutorial target just wordpress.

  5. Rajiv Jadhav Avatar

    i installed this plugin but says it wont work coz i'm on php5.3 and stripe needs php5.6 – help!!!!

  6. Soluciones Publicitarias 365 Avatar

    Can you withdraw your payments with bitcoins though?

  7. Gloria Alias Avatar

    Stripe doesn't support my country. What now? Any alternatives?

  8. GMac Productions Avatar

    I have a free ssl in hostgator but i already changed my nameservers to cloudflare.. Can i still use the free ssl?

  9. Magnum Opus Avatar

    Worked like a charm, thank you!

  10. MOHSINWORLD Avatar

    7:29 Is there any charge to deposit to US Bank account?
    7:34 Can I use Bangladeshi Bank account to withdraw?

  11. Rajiv Jadhav Avatar

    Hi Darrel, another great video. It appears that stripe payment gateway is by WooCommerce as of right now when I'm checking (08/09/17) – its the purple color logo with the same description. Please help.

  12. Constanza Dennis Avatar

    hi!! thank you for this video.
    I have a question… is there a way to erase about the test check 42424242424242424 out that is shown when people is paying??

  13. sin wm Avatar

    Hi Darrel, I followed your instructions in the video but it shows an error indicating a problem connecting to the payment gateway. My site is SSL. Can you advise?

  14. koocat614 Avatar

    Will stripe give any of the buyers info as far as name goes or an option to leave your name for record. I would like to give prizes to people who purchase something off my site

  15. Cris C&E Avatar

    Hello Darrell, I created an Stripe acount. I installed the pluggin and activated. But "Stripe" is not showing up on woocommerce. Do you have any idea what the issue could be?

  16. Micah Bratt Avatar

    Great video, thank you!

  17. Ella Ryan Avatar

    i only hve the test mode keys and no live? how will get the live keys?

  18. Andre Castro Avatar

    An error pops up saying Please enter your card details to make a payment. Developers: Please make sure that you are including jQuery and there are no JavaScript errors on the page.

  19. Washington Escobar Avatar

    But you need to pay the WordPress account idiot . . .

  20. Don Dornbrack Avatar

    Hi Darrel!
    Thanks for your great tutorials, they're super helpful!
    I added Stripe to my WooCommerce, but at checkout I can only see an icon for AmericanExpress and no other cards (i.e: VISA MasterCard, etc…). Do you know why this is?

  21. Aj chuan Avatar

    Darrel Wilson , this video is great. As you know some of us cannot access to Stripe. Can you make a video for PayPal Powered by Braintree latest version . I think some of us really need it !! Thank you.

  22. Dhruv Dalsaniya Avatar

    Is STRIPE accept credit card or debit card too?

  23. Rami Botros Avatar

    thank you
    I have a question
    how can I prevent fake purchase??
    I mean you did put a fake bank account put the purchase happened anyway.

  24. Dennis Sarup Avatar

    Very well explained ! Short and precise 🙂

  25. REVHEAD Avatar

    does it support debit card?

  26. Eduardo Soto Avatar

    Could I use all currencys in the world and add a bank account outside of us ?

  27. ThanksMia Avatar

    Can u also get paid with bitcoins on stripe ?

  28. kandi303 Avatar

    Quick question Stripe or Braintree? My goal is to have BOTH Paypal and credit card payment directly on my checkout page. Thanks!

  29. Haythem jedidi Avatar

    thanks, but stripe and paypal don't work in Tunisia, and 2chekout won't work with me because they need check of 3 months payment

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