How To Use The Fedex Plugin With WooCommerce – WooCommerce Fedex Shipping Tutorial

You can download the free version of the fedex plugin here:
You can download the PREMIUM Version of FedEx Here:

In This woocommerce tutorial, i will show you how you can use real time rates from fedex and apply it on your wordpress website. If you want your customer to have the ability to choose when they want their products, the fedex shipping plugin can do this

Also, the premium version of this plugin will allow you to print shipping labels and return labels. In addition, the premium version can give your customers tracking information on their shipment to let them know where the product is.

Go visit FEDEX. you can use this link

To Get To The developer page, visit this link:

For more tutorials like this or to lean how to make a wordpress website, feel free to visit my website at

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10 responses to “How To Use The Fedex Plugin With WooCommerce – WooCommerce Fedex Shipping Tutorial”

  1. Davina Avatar

    Hi Darrel great video! Can you please do a USPS plugin with Woocommerce? Thank you

  2. Be Komal Mittal Avatar

    Hey darrel, love your videos , can you please please please please do a tutorial on how to add a login/signup bar at the top on website? which all the big websites usually have.

  3. JLJ OOO Avatar

    Hi Darrel! I am new to WP and eCommerce and to your YouTube video channel. My question to you is, can the Azera Luxury Theme you featured (Feb 2017) be used for an affiliate site ? Thanks.

  4. Paul Hitchman Avatar

    FedEx plugin?! Now's there's a out of the box marketing plan for logistics… tap the pool of ecommerce developers – love it. The Finnish Post Office could do with the same game plan.

  5. Joe Griffith Avatar

    Great VIdeo! your timing is perfect. lots of pieces and parts to getting this all set up and using the right plug-in. when it comes to wordpress, you do a fabulous job of getting to the good stuff and explaining how it works! thanks!

  6. Bob (WebGuyBob) Raymond Avatar

    Great video, Darrel. I don't have my site up yet because I'm struggling with handling fulfillment myself or going with custom product drop shipping. Nonetheless, I'm getting great value from your videos. Keep up the great work!

  7. Karla Rodriguez Avatar

    Is there one for USPS?

  8. Bimal Rainbow Avatar

    Good Video i like it

  9. Rhodesia P Avatar

    Wow. Full of surprises… You and WordPress have to be the best two things in the world. 🙂 Thank you for sharing such amazing content. BIG FAN

  10. Darrel Wilson Avatar

    Let me know how this plugin works for your woocommerce website!

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