How to Use the NextGen Gallery Plugin for WordPress – 2013


This video is a follow up video to my How to Create a Custom WordPress Website – BEGINNERS found here:

When I published the original video, the section on how to use the nextgen gallery plugin is no longer up to date. With several updates to the plugin since then, it was time to do a quick video on how to use the current version of NextGen Gallery.






18 responses to “How to Use the NextGen Gallery Plugin for WordPress – 2013”

  1. Garrett Livingood Avatar

    The best instructions for using a gallery plugin. I've been searching for days.

  2. דוד סידי Avatar

    Hi. Do you an idea how to write a few text words for each picture at the gallery so it will be seen above or below each picture in my website
    Thank you

  3.  Avatar

    Nice tutorial. Here I want to share with you all a perfect platform where anyone can create NextGen #WordPress #plugins. Not only WordPress but also other top #CMSs plugins too. The software I am talking about #TemplateToaster. This #software is very unique and simple to use and very productive for all your creative needs. So many #built-in features and other functions.

  4. Conor McGregor Avatar

    Hi Josh, i have a problem with that, after setting up that Gallery on my page, when i try to view it, the page doesn't display, but on address bar there is an id of the page shown

  5. Michael pfaffinger Avatar

    About time someone can explain this in easy to understand common sense language and illustration  ! Thanks

  6. Conor McGregor Avatar

    Hi Josh, is it possible to create more than albums with that plugin, 
    one for personal photos, the other for different images about job projects?

  7. Janet Polanco Avatar

    This was EXCELLENT!!! Thanks!

  8. Jim Bond Avatar

    Thank you so much Josh. I've been looking all over for someone to explain the new version of NextGen Gallery. Excellemnt job.
    Brief, to the point and very clear. Awesome vid. Thanks again. You are the boss as they say.

  9. Lenelyn Luaton Avatar

    yepee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 2JZPOWER Avatar

    Thank you SO MUCH! 

  11. Avatar

    your are my day saver….thanks for that

  12. barri pt Avatar

    Hi when I click my thumbnails it's just opening a large image not in light box slide show, how can I fix it please?

  13. Denny Spinks Avatar

    Nice video. Is there a way you can elaborate on the Album functions? I can't seem to get it to work on my site,

  14. diwakar jaiswal Avatar

    nice tutorial of nextgen gallery :p

  15. wpSculptor Avatar

    Thanks, I just noticed that. I'm loading another version right now.

  16. Viq Avatar

    I think your voice is really low.

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