How to Win an Argument

It’s not easy to win an argument, but if you follow these step’s you will prevail. This information is based off of psychology principle’s and law enforcement manuals. The article can be found here






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  1. Galina Tsoneva Avatar

    Hi, your videos are very well done, structured, short and full of information you have checked. Do you have similar sets of how to spot a liar when it comes to online communication, chatting, emailing? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks ☺

  2. John Doe Avatar

    Bull and Bull 🙂

  3. mcpartridgeboy Avatar

    wow, thanks but no thnanks ill just stick to being smarter than everyone !

  4. Eyal Oren Avatar

    Very good presentation
    Can you create training about Mongodb ?

  5. John White Avatar

    How to Win an Argument: give them the finger and go on a vacation for a week in florida 😉 jk

  6. Bill Sales Avatar

    I think people have seen too many movies wherein beautiful actors put a charming face on evil doers. boiler room is one. the worst, most obvious, slimeball liar was Bush selling that bullshit Iraq war to citizens/congress. Another, less obvious, evil, lying cocksucker is that fucking Robert McNamarrra selling that bullshit in his love-letter to himself [movie= Fog of War] that the gulf of Tonkin 'incident' was a 'mistake' when in reality he was the main architect of that lie conceived to take the US into the Vietnam war. he lied to line his [and billionaire criminals] pockets with the trillions $$ in the interest payments [paid by you and me] on the loans taken out by both sides to pay criminal arms dealers. all arms sales and military expenditures are theft from the American people because there's been no military threat to the American public for 150 years. the primary intent of the US federal government has always been to murder all people worldwide who attempt to prevent their criminal billionaire owners from robbing tax dollars and resources everywhere. I'd like to see you do some videos reviewing these lying criminal billionaires making political speeches.

  7. Bill Sales Avatar

    wow. Derek. have memorized all your stuff? are you able to apply it all simultaneously? I don't think I could do all that noticing and self direction at the same time. ill bet I've been perfectly sincere while appearing the reverse all these years. if I could learn to lie my ass off while being perceived as sincere, hundreds of women could be made fabulously 'happy' with me. long after 'intimacy' I could then say "our differences might divide us one day". too many people earn a living proudly hurting people/environment thus necessitating my insincerity in order to get laid. There's never been a woman who benefited by their disinterest in me. except for those women who are proud of their misery, all women's interest in me has been rewarded far more than disappointed. now, how to differentiate the psychopathic criminals from those who are just common/insincere/cowardly. I've always been stupidly naive assuming people are well-intentioned ……. like me.

  8. corgidog Avatar

    I win argue ments by asking many questions and then ask very tricky questions and then bend there words so they become distressed and confused trying to figure out what to say next and eventually give up

  9. Elijah Jenkins Avatar

    Hey Derek how do you win phone arguments either through text or by regular phone calls ?

  10. Harshit Mehta Avatar

    Hey Derek I Wid love it if u gave a presentation on how to increase ur personality !

  11. Airmeo Avatar

    I wanted to win an argument against this kid in my class, Alan, and he and I just loath each other, and I had to do a project with him and we made a mountain that was smooth and I was like "We should put crumpled up paper on this to make it more realistic!" and he said "My grand mother lives on a mountain and it's completely smooth" and in my head I was like GOSH ALAN I thought you were suppost to be the smart kid! That is not a mountain it's a freaking HILL! and everyone agreed with him even knowing no one DIED and made Alan's grandmother own the only mountain on EARTH.

  12. goldenshadow333 Avatar

    I see it's not only your programming tutorial videos that are awesome! 
    Thank you!

  13. Bogmire777 Avatar

    Finding common ground, shared principals and keeping it friendly produces amazing results. It sometimes difficult when you mean someone who you disagree with vehemently, but usually a little detente goes a long way, thanks for laying it all out, helpful stuff.

  14. reece misquitta Avatar

    Can you teach me…. How to be confident and attractive

  15. AR Khaled Avatar

    I would really put far more effort into having valid points, than the techniques i use to present my arguments. 
    The moment i think someone is too calculated with their discussion, i loose interest, as its clear they're more interested in coming out "winners", than in the discussion itself.

  16. flaming leon Avatar

    I mostly try to stay away from arguments. When the people l know either sense that l'm trying to avoid arguing or now that l try to avoid arguments, they are most likely to try and make an argument with me just to win. How can l stop this?

  17. oscab Avatar

    I Love your background.. certainly it makes me enjoy your masculine voice. makes me believe what you say. Congrats you are really good!

  18. Orange Ninjannie Avatar

    "No one is 100% for or against anything" Oh i can think of a few things i'm 100% against. 

  19. Jozi X Avatar

    Hmmm I'm not sure I appreciate when this is done to me, I have experienced this and I must say it's does feel a little insulting. The purpose of debate is to find the truth not the stroking of one's own ego.

    If you re using silly psychological tricks to "win" arguments for the sake of stroking your own ego, you're not really wining anything.

    By having a debate with someone who doesn't share your views your are given an opportunity to get a fresh perspective on your views this is all part of trying to find the truth.

    arguments are not really imao to be won or lost but are for the mutual benefit of both parties.

    View 1 is to stop abortion
    View 2 is to continue abortion

    A guy from camp 1 might learn something he never considered about abortion from a conversation he had about the topic from a member of camp 2 which then leads him to reconsider his original views. The same thing might happen to the guy from camp 2 who also lands up changing his views. The next time the two meet they go through the same process and again come away with slightly refined views.

    Eventually the two camps get so close together that they eventually agree. That is when they have both found the truth.

    They both win! 

  20. Preppy Uranus Avatar

    mirroring someone that dislikes you, results in them disliking you even more.

  21. Gra Piken Avatar

    How to win an argument…. 'win' is the word in question here. True 'winning' of an argument can only happen if you make the other person agree with you or make you see their point of view.

    For example, if someone who had studied these techniques tried to win the argument that 'the Holocaust was a good thing'… I would not defer. I would not agree. The argument would not be won. This is because the the subject of the argument is fundamental, not the mental game playing with the ego reward.

    The 'winning' in this tutorial is not about getting someone to see your point of view or make them agree with you, but to make them 'defer' to you. That is not moral behavior. It's not winning, it's mental bullying.

  22. Titan Avatar

    Has no one commented on this since 5 months?

  23. School Developers Avatar

    When something is plural, it does not require an apostrophe.  Example:  Steps, not step's.  Ways, not way's.  Maybe you could check for punctuation before putting it up there.  GREAT job, though!  Thanks!

  24. Lauren Hulme Avatar

    How do you accuse somebody of something without actually accusing them?

  25. Hari raman Avatar

    how to hide ourself from others reading our body language 

  26. Mary Bartels Avatar

    I'm going to try this with my oppositional boyfriend. it doesn't matter what I ask him to do, he already has NO out his mouth, even if its something he likes to do. Time to use some mind meld…lol

  27. David Stone Avatar

    Fix your incorrect apostrophes… Nonetheless, this video was quite informational and well organized. 

  28. Doctor Virtual Avatar

    Oh I really loved this video. I found it helpful and insightful to me personally.

  29. kkknotcool Avatar

    How to win friends and influence people summery. Why did i read that whole book?

  30. Shannon Donegan Avatar

    What about web design?
    Could you do a tutorial on web design?

  31. Max R. Avatar

    Hi Derek, I was wondering if there is a way that you can easily ameliorate arguments between other people?

  32. Kev Kienzle Avatar

    First, I quite agree with your points and techniques and overall message, Derek. Good job.

    But, pardon me for being pedantic, please stop putting apostrophes onto words to express plurals. They simply don't belong there. It is grammatically incorrect. Nothing for us to argue over as…well..they simply DON'T belong there. 

  33. Kemar Avatar

    Can you do one on trust

  34. Rob Darrel Avatar

    Sir Derek, how can I seduce women by using rapport and body language?

  35. Taylor Blake Avatar

    Would you be interested in composing a presentation on conditioning one's attitude. I understand it takes many years to undo negative behavior and a lot of time in front of a therapist if the problem is embedded deeply into the personality now, however my request is simply how to START reconditioning a negative attitude or frame of mind into a healthier outlook. So far you have done well on condensing information that would have taken me weeks to learn into a more convenient time frame.

  36. Faz Chowdhury Avatar

    Can you do on banking, basel 3, liquidity risk etc.. most of these technical guys couldn't present to save their lives

  37. Faz Chowdhury Avatar

    Excellent, really well presented.  Look forward to others.

  38. Zalika Issiakou Avatar

    Can you on communication?

  39. Julian Jones Avatar

    Very very useful I use this in sales good for difusing objections

  40. steve wood Avatar

    Wow that was most excellent, thank you for the contribution of your knowledge.

  41. Derek Banas Avatar

    Thank you 🙂 I think the confusion comes from the belief that a person doesn't need to practice to use these techniques. Only through practice will they be effective because confidence is the most important factor in these techniques

  42. ghozter1 Avatar

    Some people thinks that these things are only good or in someway more useful in criminal, psychological cases than in a normal rutine life… I've gotta say I really found this and every other single video very useful. 🙂

  43. Derek Banas Avatar

    You're very welcome 🙂 Yes these techniques are quite fun to try in the real world.

  44. LKM33 Avatar

    Thanks, can't wait to try this out and master it, should be fun 🙂

  45. AnnoulaXeni Avatar

    Love your videos, but — please! Stop using apostrophes on simple plurals! for example, it's "beliefs" not "belief's"!

  46. Derek Banas Avatar

    Sure it will. Most people, including your parents don't know about these techniques 🙂

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