How to work FASTER in Photoshop | 7 Tips and tricks

in this photoshop tips and tricks video we will see how to work faster and smoother. Everyone hates slowing down when they are lost into their project, so i am sharing my favorite 7 tricks that help me get faster in photoshop.

I have done my best to cover all the topics from photo editing to text editing. Also some tips for the people who are into digital painting and re touching.

Always remember its more important have smooth workflow in photoshop and not only fast. My goal is to help you enjoy your photoshop work and not get frustrated.

I hope you learn something from this photoshop tutorial, have a good day.







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  1. Photoshop Tutorials | Photo effects Avatar

    Some extra tips about tips in this video (tipception)
    – copy image feature is very useful but always download the image after you find the one you like, because
    A. when you directly copy photo from browser, it will be low resolution
    B. since we are copying it directly, it will also not get saved on your computer.
    so never forget to download the image you decide to keep in project

    other than that, again i had blast making this video, you guys rock. Thank you 🙂

  2. Music Line Avatar


  3. Ponnalagi Ponnalagi Avatar

    Can u give note also in description

  4. Ponnalagi Ponnalagi Avatar

    Can u give note also in description

  5. XTREAM FAHIM Avatar

    Which Editor do you use?


  6. GameSeed Avatar

    Sir can you make a video on all the tools in photoshop

  7. Ayush Nishad Avatar

    I really like this video please make more

  8. New Song Store Avatar

    Are You Edit my some Photos….???? plz

  9. biki shamal creative world Avatar

    how to make script file in photoshop

  10. prabir roy Avatar

    Bro plz make a video how to make better quality photo for insta or facebook upload…

  11. Yogender Negi Avatar

    Glitch effects video loved it..

  12. Ninad Dundage Avatar

    Thank you for the video, it's very use for me.

  13. Alpha Redeye Avatar

    Great video loved it.

  14. Gaurab Subedi Avatar

    Hey brother , i have just started to learn photoshop editing how can i improve my skills. Could you please suggest me the way for improving my skills in photoshop.☺☺

  15. pk CotTheta Avatar

    Is there any possibility of video on after effects??

  16. WhiteWagon jr. Avatar

    Thanks for the tips <3 more support hehehe

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