HTML5 Tutorial – 12 – Making Everything Pretty

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20 responses to “HTML5 Tutorial – 12 – Making Everything Pretty”

  1. Ahmed bashir Avatar

    I Jst wna no, y u hv count margin from left to right only did you forget top and bottom, in main section, can anyone explain, this is what's made confused..!?

  2. Jeffkabs23 Avatar

    yeah it did float and all that but the news background color just refused i have re-visited it but cant find a way to it help

  3. Divya jain Avatar

    my side-news is coming on right bottom all with the same dimensions. Also here he used float:left. i am confused. can anybody help me with that?

  4. da vllain Avatar

    where r the codes link which have all the codes written? @TheNewBoston

  5. Mihovil Maricic Avatar

    why does he float the side_news to the left?

  6. thetruefarbauti Avatar

    adding float left in css for main section makes my section contents disappear. center brings it back

  7. Harshit Verma Avatar

    my aside is coming at the bottom left positioning …just below the border….
    what to do??

  8. Milan Okiljevic Avatar

    I'm confused. When we put margin: 20px 0px, isnt it top-bottom 20px and left-right 0px, not 20 top and 0 bottom?

  9. Mervin Lee Avatar

    I have to watch the other video again about float but am still confused. Can someone please tell me what the float command does? I am also confused as there is still a bit of a padding for the news articles when I float to the left but not to the right. Does the float right line it up all the way to the right border? Is it just me because I prefer the float right but just would like to know your opinion which you prefer?

  10. Георги Георгиев Avatar

    Thank you again, Bucky!
    GOD bless you and your family. Amen.

  11. michael pancho Avatar

    Sir my #side_news box did not move to the right, I copied all your codes already.

  12. islam tareq Avatar

    Need the Link of the page that have these CODE !  please


  13. David Yue Avatar

    Why can't I just float the News section to the right and move it with top, bottom, left, right. Give position is relative

  14. Mert Serimer Avatar

    +Marvin Glenn Lacuna  Why are you considering bottom and top? Width is all about left and right so 30 + 30 + 660 = 720; Bottom and Top margin does not affect any width relating placements(small exceptions )

  15. mykellcypher Avatar

    i got confused, was wondering why the float left should be used on the side_news id, instead of float right. so, i decided to add a border (solid 3px black) on the side_news as well as the main_section. then i was clearly able to know the reason why the float: left was used. i later removed the border, the border only helps when you are designing. thanks for this tutorial. you are the best  

  16. Kacy Raye Avatar

    Why did the footer end up underneath the aside if the footer itself was never floated to the right ?

  17. John Adams Avatar

    Ok nevermind it suddenly popped up.

  18. John Adams Avatar

    For some reason everything works on the footer except the green border. I wrote it exactly how you wrote it and it's not showing up. I'm just going leave it out I guess.

  19. Weldino Eritrawi Avatar

    He floated both the main_section and the side_news to the left but they appear on different positions…..pretty weird huh 🙂

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