HTML5 Tutorial – 14 – Flexible Box Model

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20 responses to “HTML5 Tutorial – 14 – Flexible Box Model”

  1. tomas toth Avatar

    The future of css is css grid guys check it out.

  2. Asfand Ali Avatar

    where is your forum ? :')

  3. solarboy48 Avatar

    With all due respect, I've watched this tutorial up to this point (and had a lot of fun doing it), but these videos seem extremely outdated now. It'd be great if you'd consider making new, up-to-date series or something.

  4. Future Developer Avatar

    Bucky, I searched your forum but it was impossible to find the source code for Lecture 14. Where is it?

  5. Alexander Crane Avatar

    Is it possible to make it work in firefox? it's been 5 years.

  6. sean123654 Avatar

    This worked for me. However, when i looked at it, he had the same as me only i had a syntax error lol anyway the code in this video still works in chrome atleast.

    Stephan van den Nouwland1 year ago (edited) I found the place where you can find the code.


  7. sai Avatar

    Hi bucky……I can't find code in your forum can you please help to find the code.

  8. premier69 Avatar

    wow, hgroup tag? I just learned it and right away learned that I should unlearn it.

  9. Mark Mahathey Avatar

    I always use Tahoma

  10. Stephan van den Nouwland Avatar

    I found the place where you can find the code. Check

    It worked for me!

  11. zack wallace Avatar

    will someone tell me the source code for this video?

  12. Iroshan Vithanage Avatar

    there aren't any codes in your Forum?how do i find it?

  13. desire etiennette Avatar

    It's very interesting and Bucky is a great tutor. The lessons are clear and all the demonstration are straight forward. I know now where to jump to study w.w.w and some simple programming. Thanks for all Bucky.

  14. Altaranalt Avatar

    Should I type:


    And just remove the webkit part? Because it doesn't center the website for me.

  15. Kosteri x Avatar

    the "-webkit" stuff is not needed any more.

  16. Brian Wilber Avatar

    If I use the Flexible Box Model and someone views my page using IE 9 which does not support it, how will the page look? Will it be a mess?

  17. monir A. Khan Avatar

    east-or west == bucky iz d best teacher of IT,,,

  18. dovetail Avatar

    "you need to specify width: 100% otherwise your gonna run into a whole bunch of problems" bucky said!

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