HTML5 Tutorial – 2 – Creating a Basic Template

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27 responses to “HTML5 Tutorial – 2 – Creating a Basic Template”

  1. zion dominus Avatar

    I have finished his HTML tutorial from 2009, for html and css, should i start this one?

  2. Suraj Thapa Avatar

    which screen recorder do you use? If possible send me the link!

  3. the1fame Avatar

    his original tutorial is fucking hilarious hahaa

  4. FlightFollowing Avatar

    Why is the meta tag given a self closing /, but not the link tag? And why isn't DOCTYPE in caps? Is that just etiquette?

  5. Tsvetomir Kolev Avatar

    what about <link href="#" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"> i dont need type ? and for what is meta

  6. Artem Gordon Avatar

    Hey, can somebody please let me know how to have opening and closing tags connect together like Bucky has them but for TextWrangler? (to help keep track of all opening and closing tags)

  7. Dark Zer0 Avatar

    Tutorial 1 views= 990,000+
    Tutorial 2 views= 451,000 +

    Wow, the views dropped down quicker than a Kardashian in front of a dick.

  8. Παναγιώτης Παυλίδης Avatar

    Can someone explain me the tag with the link and the href tag???

  9. ahmed elshafay Avatar

    Cannot find the source code of the HTML5 tutorial. Can anyone help me to find it please? ((it is not on GITHUB)) d

  10. Ammar Khan Avatar

    sublime text 2 is lot better than this notepad++ . especially when you install zen coding in notepad++ the coding become 300% more time consuming. dont you think sublime is the best option ?

  11. bhoomi darji Avatar

    can I get this all programs .html n .css files???

  12. Don Caleb Avatar

    2:52 is it me or was that a chuckle?

  13. Aditya singh Avatar

    hi i bucky i love your tutorials
    please upload the tutorials for resposivie html & css website

  14. Pranav Sukumaran Avatar

    I downloaded notepad ++ and I am using it, but I am extremely lazy and I like how your brackets and everything autocomplete. How do I get the brackets to autocomplete?

  15. Kiki Karypidou Avatar

    If I don't write the doctype there isn't any problem. Why do we really need it?

  16. Yiannis Nikitopoulos Avatar

    Go ahead writes head laughs heheheheh

  17. Chan En Avatar

    where can i find your xxhtml?

  18. Hannah Constin Avatar

    "It's really techie stuff you don't really need to worry about you just need to copy it."
    You're a funny guy haha

  19. Calofir Emil Avatar

    Stop using "crap" word

  20. Balbino Avatar

    Thank You again.

  21. Dhruv Singhal Avatar

    bucky you may create a torrent file of downloading all the learning tutorials
    for one computer language make one torrent file
    and provide the link of file in the description of the same
    plz do it

  22. Tarun Singh Avatar

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  23. João Avatar

    I miss those simple times…

  24. Nithya Sundar Avatar

    without <!doctype html> also it runs why we actually need that?

  25. The WhoLock Network Avatar

    i'm used to putting the doctype like this <!DOCTYPE html> does this affect the website in anyway

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