HTML5 Tutorial – 44 – Drag and Drop

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40 responses to “HTML5 Tutorial – 44 – Drag and Drop”

  1. Anthony Z Avatar

    "Make it stupid, or else your web page isn't gonna work"

    ^solid advice

  2. Emily Kosovik-Jeffery Avatar

    i always figured you as a very nerdy dude with red/blonde hair and freckles.

  3. Tajveer Singh Nijjar Avatar

    +thenewboston hey bucky, can u plz mention in description or annotation that draggable=true" is required for the image??

  4. Mahinthan So Avatar

    360p for text πŸ™

  5. Adam Salma Avatar

    So this video was basically about everything except drag and dropping? Thanks for wasting my time

  6. Emmanuel Mhetu Avatar

    thanks guys l learnt a lot

  7. Zhengquan Bai Avatar

    Nice guy. Handsome. Thank you.

  8. Beth Ann Meredith Avatar

    you talk far too much!!! I just want to know how to do it

  9. Shadman Mahmood Avatar

    Bucccky i love you,i could do it so quickly thanks to you

  10. Phix Phixation Avatar

    Copy and pasting CSS code like that is bad. Put those duplicate rules in a section{} ruleset, then only the border in the #leftbox and #rightbox rulesets.

  11. Ho Phuong Avatar

    How to integrate many Browser to test Website? Hope to help. Thanks!

  12. Benjamin Lehmann Avatar

    You don't need ending tags cuz HTML5 is not as strict as XHTML

  13. Michael Romeo Avatar

    Definitely one of the funniest tutorials.

  14. NeverGoFullRetard69 Avatar

    the picture isnt working. it just shows a piece of paper.

  15. Derek Foulk Avatar

    It's okay to take breaks between sentences… Just sayin.

  16. TheFunnyMan3737 Avatar

    HaHa! "Make it stupid, otherwise your website won't be able to work"

  17. austininflorida Avatar

    Why did you use float? I thought we were trying to move away from float in the flex box model. Or was it just for time?

  18. Tim Broders Avatar

    u know just curious, where do you learn all this bucky? books, private sessions?

  19. jurgyy Avatar

    Why is there a 100k difference in viewers between this one and the last one?

  20. Braden Best Avatar

    build giant planet sized computer
    Aliens destroy it 5 seconds before it stops "Not responsing" and gives the answer

  21. vlastos Avatar

    Ruby on Rails tutorials please ! Bump this up, guys

  22. jackendy cherenfant Avatar

    You are a Program Genious"I love you dude, thanks Bucky"

  23. progame123456789 Avatar

    Haha right now i am like:" wtf happend".. at the CSS file i wrote the colors before you said it Bucky.. and somehow it were the exact same colors.. and now i am thinking that i gotta take a break from watching those HTML5 Tutorials in a row, because you made a drag and drop to my brain :O!

  24. Justin Lubin Avatar

    2:47 Identity theft πŸ™

  25. unrewritable Avatar

    I love your videos bucky!

  26. gatoo23 Avatar

    This is what you have been doing these days …

  27. gatoo23 Avatar

    4:02 lololololol!!!!

  28. Lime Studios Avatar

    "make it stupid or else your webpage isn't going to work" (2:39) – Bucky you are hilarious!

  29. Lime Studios Avatar

    I really like HTML5 πŸ˜€

  30. Munymuny200 Avatar

    The scary monster in my pants grows when I watch this video.

  31. Fredrik Johansson Avatar

    I hope youre gonna continue making games with JavaScript later, that was awesome πŸ™‚

  32. HelloClan Avatar

    44 ? I thought 42 was the answer

  33. kloppie5 Avatar

    I like pie! Can i have 44?

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